Season 7: Episode 16 - The Table Polarization
Posted on Feb 28, 2014 12:00am

Leonard decides to get a dining table for the apartment, but Sheldon doesn't like the notion of this big change and resists at every turn. Through some clever manipulation, Penny and Amy convince their boyfriends to come to an agreement and they keep the table -- though the gang still decides to eat around the couch and on the floor anyway. Wolowitz is asked to go back to the space station sometime in the near future and he leaps at the opportunity. Bernadette and Koothrappali try to gently remind him that he was an absolute mess up there and it terrified him, but Wolowitz won't hear it. They are forced to stage an intervention, bringing in Bernadette's father and Mike Massimino via Skype later to tell Wolowitz that he has the wrong stuff. Wolowitz eventually comes around, but now he has to figure out how to get out of the mission while saving face. Ultimately, he goes to a doctor and has his blood pressure taken while on the phone with his mother, and he's declared medically unfit to go back to space.