Season 2: Episode 13 - The Friendship Algorithm
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Sheldon needs to use a new super computer that has just arrived at the University but when Leonard informs him that Kripke controls who can use the computer and he only allows his friends to use it, Sheldon makes it his mission to befriend Kripke. The guys are skepitical if Sheldon can do it since they point out that he has never made any effort to befriend anyone in his life; not even them. Sheldon surmises that he must take a scientific approach to friendship. He figures out, what he feels, is a fool proof "friendship" algorithm. Kripke agrees to meet with Sheldon and things seem to be going well until Sheldon asks Kripke to use the computer. Kripke turns Sheldon down and Sheldon inquires as to why since they are now friends. Kripke informs him that he has no control over who uses the computer and all Sheldon has to do is sign up for the official schedule. Sheldon realizes all this research was for nothing and immediately dumps Kripke as a friend.