Season 2: Episode 17 - The Terminator Decoupling
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The guys are going to attend a symposium featuring Dr. George Smoot (Nobel Laureate for his work on the Big Bang) in San Francisco. Sheldon decides for the group that the train is the best way to travel and while initially the other three were not thrilled, their mood soon changes when they realize Summer Glau, "The Terminator", is on the train with them. Koothrappali, Wolowitz and Leonard argue about who will hit on her first. Koothrappli decides he should get some alcohol in him since he knows he is unable to hit on women sober. As Wolowitz is about to make his move, Koothrappali swoops in and in his seemingly drunken state, charms Summer to Wolowitz's dismay.

Sheldon forgets his flash drive at home which contains a research paper he planned to present to Dr. Smoot at the symposium. He initially wants to turn back to get the flash drive but Leonard convinces him to call Penny since she has the key to their apartment. Sheldon reluctantly agrees and allows Penny access to one place no woman has ever been; his bedroom.