Episode 178 - Thursday, 26th August 1999
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Carmen overhears Bill demanding to know if Pilar wants to sleep with him or not. She berates Bill for talking to her daughter like that, and Bill leaves. Pilar asserts that she can sleep with whomever she wants. After Pilar leaves, Carmen asks Dietz to find her, worried about what Pilar might do. Pilar arrives at Bill's room, saying that she wants him. She kisses him passionately, but Bill pulls away, still angry about her lies. Pilar admits she wanted to protect her family, but also wanted him. He shuts the door on her, and she breaks down in tears. Blake starts to cry in Ben's arms, and when she spots Holly and Ross entering the restaurant she begs Ben to take her away. In Ben's room, Ben asks her to tell him what's wrong. She reveals her belief that Ross is seeing Holly. Ben laughs, saying Ross could never fall out of love with Blake. Ross tells Holly that he believes Blake has returned to Ben. Holly can't believe this and protests that Ross should speak to Ben before leaping to conclusions. Meanwhile, Blake wonders if she should tell Ben the truth about her pregnancy. She decides she can't trust her secrets to someone who's involved with Carmen. Suddenly there's a visitor at Ben's door - and it's Ross! In San Cristobel, Matt, Jim, Danny and Josh go over the rescue plan, and Josh admits his worries that Reva won't want to return home. Later, everyone but Danny gets into the yacht, which zooms off for the palace. Josh vows to be with Reva soon. Jim, in scuba gear, dives off the yacht to place an explosive device under water. Afterward, Josh scales the palace walls to be with his wife. Michelle appears in a gorgeous costume, striking Danny silent with her beauty. He later tells her that he needs to conduct some business before the ball, assuring her that it's not dangerous. Meanwhile, Cassie also gets ready for the ball, preparing to attend as Jim's wife. She grows concerned that something unforeseen will go wrong. Sure enough, Beth arrives in San Cristobel, determined to blow Cassie and Jim's "romance" out of the water - especially when she sees a newspaper article describing party guests Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lemay! Reva plays a deadly game of wits with Edmund, pretending to be grateful to him for his "concern" about her safety. Edmund moves off, and Olivia reappears to remind Reva that Edmund plans to kill her tonight. Reva pulls out a dagger, ready to defend herself. Olivia, who is in full costume, is scared when Edmund returns, but Reva introduces her as a stranger. Richard asks Reva if she would pretend to be Catherine, for one night. She agrees, and Richard kisses her. She assures him that everything she does tonight will be because she cares for Richard. Edmund watches and privately laments that he has no choice but to kill her. He takes out a revolver.