Season 3: Episode 11 - The Maternal Congruence
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Leonard's mother, Beverly (Christine Baranski), returns for a visit and Leonard is less than excited. Penny finds out that Leonard hasn't told Beverly they are in a relationship and she tries to find the right moment to give Beverly the news. Beverly informs Leonard that she and Leonard's father are getting a divorce after she discovered he cheated on her but Beverly seems un-phased by the situation. Penny gets Beverly to open up after stopping at a bar where they bond over shots of tequila. Penny finally tells Beverly about her and Leonard's relationship and she seems to take it well in her own over-analytical way. In her drunken haze, she plants a huge kiss on Sheldon but realizes she would prefer the busboy at the bar. Beverly and Leonard come to a new understanding about how they need to include one another in their lives more and Penny is thrilled that Beverly, even after naming off a list of Penny's shortcomings, thinks she is adorable.