Season 3: Episode 17 - The Precious Fragmentation
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In a parody of "The Lord of the Rings," the guys fight over a ring they believe was an original prop from the movie. Leonard wants to give the ring back to its original owner. Koothrappali wants to sell it so that he can get a jet ski. Sheldon wants to keep it so badly that he actually starts to turn into Gollum from the Lord Of The Rings movies. Sheldon sneaks into Penny and Leonard's room in the middle of the night to steal the ring off of Penny's neck where she is wearing it to keep it safe, and Penny punches him in the nose. In the end Leonard sends the ring back to New Zealand to the original owner. However, in the tag we see that Leonard has lied about sending it back to New Zealand, and has really hidden it in his room.