Season 4: Episode 1 - The Robotic Manipulation
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Sheldon has been communicating with Amy Farrah Fowler for the past few months via text messages. Penny convinces Sheldon he should go on a date with her after he informs the group that he and Amy are going to procreate. Penny learns that this is Sheldon's first date EVER. Sheldon gets Penny to drive him and Amy around on their date. Penny tries repeatedly to break the awkward silence with no luck until she points out to Amy that this is Sheldon's first date. Sheldon and Amy discuss the topic and then Sheldon points out the rather large number of men that have come in and out of Penny's life.

Wolowitz creates a robotic hand which he shows off to the guys. While Wolowitz tests out different commands on the robot he realizes that the hand has a very realistic feel. Wolowitz gets into a very compromising position when the robot hand freezes up on a very personal area. Leonard and Koothrappali must take him to the hospital since neither are willing to volunteer to help Wolowitz free himself from the robots grip.