Season 4: Episode 7 - The Apology Insufficiency
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Leonard is still depressed about being alone but thinks his problem with women stems from the fact that he lacks confidence. He vows that the next time he meets a woman who he thinks is attractive, he will stand up full of self-assurance. Meanwhile Wolowitz is being considered for the team for the new Defense Department surveillance satellite. Because it's top secret, he tells the guys that the FBI might be calling them to ask questions about Howard. Koothrapali is hesitant about talking to the FBI as he fears they might deport him, even though he's in the country legally. When an attractive female FBI agent arrives at his door, he has to think fast about how he's going to talk to her because he realizes he has no alcohol in the house. Thankfully he finds a rum cake in the fridge. The agent then shows up at Leonard's lab to ask questions about Howard and he takes advantage of the situation, exudes his confidence and asks her out. Lastly, the agent speaks with Sheldon who has no interest in talking about Howard but accidentally tells her how he crashed the Mars Rover while attempting to impress a woman. When the Defense Department takes Howard off the team, Sheldon feels so guilty that, as an apology, he gives Howard his seat on the couch. Howard accepts the apology and the seat, but when the gang gathers at Leonard's and Sheldon's, Sheldon can't stand the new arrangment and takes his seat back. ­