Season 4: Episode 22 - The Wildebeest Implementation
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

­After Leonard & Priya invited Howard & Bernadette to dinner, Amy & Bernadette devise a plan for Bernadette to act as a spy on Leonard & Priya and to also talk about all the awesome things Penny is doing now.

After the dinner begins, Penny is quickly swept up in the drama when Bernadette reports that Priya has made a comment about her acting career. Amy and Penny start texting false information for Bernadette to disseminate, like Penny just got a part in an Angelina Jolie movie and info on who Penny is dating now. Eventually Bernadette can't take the stress of keeping the lies going, cracks under the pressure and abruptly leaves the dinner early. Wolowitz points out it was still way less weird than spending a night with Amy and Sheldon.

While that dinner is going on, Koothrappali finds himself alone and sad and goes to Sheldon's to hang out. While they chat, he eventually reveals he has a new experimental beta blocker from the university's pharmaceutical school which could help him speak to women. In the spirit of science, Sheldon encourages him to take it. They eventually go to a coffee shop to test the results. Koothrappali strikes up a very smooth conversation with a cute girl, but the beta blocker is ultimately too effective and lowers his fears to a point where he gets completely naked in the coffee shop.