The Big Bang Theory
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Season 5: Episode 1 - The Skank Reflex Analysis
Posted on Sep 23, 2011 12:00am

­The series picks up hours after the season finale where Penny emerges from Leonard's room, with Raj right behind her, saying "This isn't what it looks like." Sheldon is working through her cryptic statement and trying to figure out what it actually WAS. Annoyed, Leonard finally tells him that it was exactly what it looked like - Penny and Raj slept together. When the four boys reunite in the cafeteria, tensions run high as Leonard is upset with Raj and doesn't understand how he could do that to him. When Raj confesses that he and Penny are in love, Leonard scoffs and tells him that he was in love with Bernadette just months before. Howard is shocked at hearing this and the three boys start arguing. Sheldon tries to get them to discuss more important matters, like the upcoming paintball tournament.

Meanwhile, Penny is distraught over sleeping with Raj and Amy comes over to comfort her. Penny can't take being in the apartment anymore and goes to stay with Amy. Penny starts questioning her entire life. Everything sucks. She’s ruined things with friends. Her acting career sucks â€" she can’t even get the hemorrhoid commercial she auditioned for last week. Koothrappali comes over to Amy’s to ask Penny out. She breaks it to him what they did was a huge mistake. Penny says she just wants everything the way it used to be. He reveals they actually didn’t have sex in the conventional sense…he tried to put the condom on and she tried to help him but nothing more happened after that. He still thinks it was a beautiful experience but asks her not to tell anyone about it because he’s a bit embarrassed. She reluctantly agrees.

The guys are at the paint ball game but Leonard, Raj and Howard are too upset with each to even care about playing. Sheldon takes it upon himself to inspire his troops and commits "suicide" but running out into the game without his gun. The three guys, inspiried by his matrydom, run out to avenge Sheldon's death.

Back at the apartment, Penny joins the guys who've basically forgiven each other. She tells them she's decided to move back to Nebraska because her life in California hasn't amounted to anything. While Leonard tries to convince her otherwise, Penny gets a call from her agent, informing her that she booked the hemmorhoid commercial. Penny, inspired again, abandons the idea of leaving.

The guys are left with their friend still living across the hall and Raj bragging about how he slept with her.