Season 5: Episode 5 - The Russian Rocket Reaction
Posted on Oct 14, 2011 12:00am

­Sheldon and Leonard run into Wil Wheaton at the comic book store. Wil invites them to a housewarming party. Leonard says he’s actually thinking of going. Sheldon tells Leonard he would be betraying his trust and friendship if he went because Wil Wheaton is one of Sheldon’s mortal enemies. Sheldon further explains that, until Leonard makes a decision about the party, Sheldon is simultaneously his friend and NOT his friend. Sheldon calls this phenomenon, “Schrodinger’s Friendship.” Wolowitz shows up at Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment with big news: He’s going to be an astronaut! Well, sort of. NASA picked his team’s design for a piece of equipment that will be installed on the International Space Station. Someone has to go up with the equipment as a Mission Specialist and as it stands, Wolowitz is the standby backup. Bernadette expresses her concern â€" going into space is dangerous, plus Wolowitz would have to take an old Russian, Soyuz rocket to get to the space station. Later, Wolowitz is upset that he doesn’t have Bernadette’s support for his big dream. Once the guys get to Wil Wheaton’s party, Wil has a surprise for Sheldon. He gives him an autographed, one sixty-fourth scale mint-in-package Wesley Crusher action figure. He even wrote, “To Sheldon, sorry this took so long. Your friend, Wil Wheaton.” Sheldon is so excited that he shows the box to Brent Spiner. Unfortunately for Sheldon, Brent Spiner rips the package open. This immediately lands Brent on Sheldon’s list of mortal enemies.