Season 5: Episode 8 - The Isolation Permutation
Posted on Nov 4, 2011 12:00am

Amy is heartbroken when she learns Penny and Bernadette went to look at bridesmaids dresses without her. Sheldon is having trouble getting in contact with Amy, so Leonard drives him over to check on her. They find Amy sadly playing “Everybody Hurts” on the harp. Amy explains that she’s sad because Penny and Bernadette went shopping for bridesmaid’s dresses without her. Sheldon asks her what he can do to help and she says, “comfort me.” She then tells him she craves human intimacy and physical contact. When Sheldon reminds her that theirs is a “relationship of the mind,” Amy suggests that maybe one night of passion might blot the pain. Sheldon instead offers to stroke her head for five minutes or until she falls asleep â€" whichever happens first. Wolowitz tells Penny and Bernadette what happened with Amy and they tell him that Amy has just been taking her bridesmaid duties to an extreme but go to apologize -- Amy doesn't accept. Later, Amy calls Sheldon drunk and Sheldon blames Leonard for Amy's behavior since he brought Penny into the group. In the end, Bernadette tells Amy she wants her to be her made of honor and Amy enthusiantically accepts, taking out her video camera to capture the moment. ­