News: Jim Parsons in L.A Magazine
Posted on Mar 13, 2013 02:20pm

From L.A. Magazine: My first time in L.A. was in 1987, when I was 14 and my parents took me and my younger sister to Disneyland. I'm from Houston, and the only thing I remember is that the phrase "horrible traffic" was already in my head. Unluckily enough, coming back from Disneyland we indeed sat bumper to bumper, not moving for hours. I will never forget the feeling ofliving in that traffic. When I came back home, I don't think I even talked about Disneyland, but I remember talking about the horrible traffic.

In 2001, I moved to New York after graduating from a theater master's program at the University of San Diego. I was new to the concept of pilot season. I would trek from one casting office in New York to another, where they would put my auditions on tape and send them out to casting agents in L.A. You tape about 15 or 30 or 50 of these things without hearing back before you begin to wonder if anyone in California is actually watching any of them. I remember thinking, If they had two people they equally liked, one in New York and one nearby, why would they spend all that money to fly me out and put me up? Looking back, I do think that's what kept me from getting too many pie-in-the-sky dreams. There's just no telling when or if your number will be called. So when I was flown out to L.A. to audition for several pilots, I was shocked and I was frightened, but most important, I was dirt-poor.

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