Raj Takes Third-Wheeling To The Next Level On The Big Bang Theory Walton Goggins and Beth Behrs guest star in "The Separation Triangulation."
Posted on Jan 16, 2018 09:00am

In the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Triangulation Separation"—airing on Thursday, Jan. 18 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access—Raj (Kunal Nayyar) gets caught in some unwanted domestic drama when he finds out the woman he's dating, Nell (Beth Behrs), has a very upset husband, Oliver (Walton Goggins).

Meanwhile, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) rents his old room back for a quiet place to work, and he drives Leonard (Johnny Galecki) up the wall with his model tenant behavior.

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Will Raj be able to get himself out of this worst-case "threesome"?

And will Leonard make peace with the new and improved Sheldon?

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