The Wolowitz's Wedded Bliss

Check out an album of Howard & Bernadette's first year as husband and wife!
Reunited and it feels so good

1. Reunited and it feels so good

Howard returns home from space!
Married Life

2. Married Life

Bernadette and her new hubby Wolowitz celebrate his first night back from space.
Couples Costume

3. Couples Costume

Howard feels blue on Halloween.
A Even More Mini-Howard!

4. A Even More Mini-Howard!

Howard & Bernadette experience a couples quarrel after he spends far too much on an action figure of himself.
Late Night Conversation

5. Late Night Conversation

Bernadette is a supportive spouse when Howard needs her help.
Sharing spaces

6. Sharing spaces

Howard & Bernadette mastered sharing spaces!
Future parents?

7. Future parents?

A day of dog-sitting for Raj was a test run for Howard & Bernadette's future parenting skills.