Fans Get In On The Big Bang Theory Action Figures & Toys

Check out photos of lucky fans with exclusive Big Bang Theory toys at Comic-Con.

The Big Bang Theory 8-Inch Figure-Convention Exclusives

1. The Big Bang Theory 8-Inch Figure-Convention Exclusives

This guy's got Sheldon as a monk, Leonard as a knight and Raj as a gentleman.
You're not seeing double

2. You're not seeing double

Two Sheldon dolls? How lucky can one lady be?
Grinning for a geek doll

3. Grinning for a geek doll

This woman's grin is understandable if she now owns that Sheldon doll.
Popular Stop

4. Popular Stop

Who doesn't want a photo op with one of those?
Two fans, one Sheldon

5. Two fans, one Sheldon

Say cheese!
The Green Lantern

6. The Green Lantern

Another fan happy to stop and smile with Sheldon.
Sheldon needs some shades

7. Sheldon needs some shades

This guy's not too cool for a photo.
At the register

8. At the register

Looks like this lady might be the new proud owner of a Sheldon doll.
Fan fun

9. Fan fun

One of the perks of Comic-Con is seeing the exclusive merchandise.
Big Bang Staples

10. Big Bang Staples

If you're going to get Sheldon, you MUST get Leonard!
Proud Owner

11. Proud Owner

Don't leave the floor without a Sheldon figure. Snagging this surely made this attendee's day.