Learn How To Plan A Big Bangin' Bachelor—Or Bachelorette—Party

Drink lots of, um, adult beverages

1. Drink lots of, um, adult beverages

Planning a bachelor and bachelorette party usually involves booze, wild antics, and regrettable decisions.

The Big Bang Theory bunch, it's no different. Having already gotten hitched in Las Vegas, an often-sought destination for a stag and hen party, Penny and Leonard are surprised with belated bashes by their circle of friends and the post-wedding celebrations hardly go according to plan. However, that didn't stop each faction from trying to have a super-fun time. 

Though Penny opted for a more low-key affair, the girls were more than content to indulge in a nice bottle of vino. 

Stage an abduction

2. Stage an abduction

Since Leonard surprised everyone by getting married on a whim, his friends opted to catch him off-guard, too, by "kidnapping" him for a bachelor weekend.

Because Leonard was a totally willing participant, the abduction techniques were used instead on Sheldon, who wasn't as keen to take part in the road trip festivities.
Head south of the border

3. Head south of the border

To spice things up a bit, Raj and Howard had the genius idea to whisk Leonard away to Mexico for a little well-deserved debauchery.
Have plenty of suggestive paraphernalia

4. Have plenty of suggestive paraphernalia

What's a bachelorette party without certain risqué edibles?

Amy showed off her baking skills by providing anatomically correct male body part cookies, complete with gummy worm detailing.
Get a makeover

5. Get a makeover

After going through her breakup with Sheldon, Amy considered changing up her style, much to the excitement of Penny and Bernadette.

While she ultimately decided against any wardrobe change, Amy did agree to let Penny pierce her ears.

Rent a sweet ride

6. Rent a sweet ride

For the average bachelor party, most guys aren't afraid to shell out big bucks for a party bus, complete with flashing neon lights and a stripper pole. But for a group of brainiacs—like Raj, Howard, Sheldon and Leonard—their idea of tricked-out transportation is some famous scientist's shaggin' wagon.
Make a regrettable phone call

7. Make a regrettable phone call

Friends don't usually let friends drunk dial, but all bets are off during a bachelorette party.

For example, Amy and Bernadette urge Penny to make the uncomfortable phone call to tell her family about her elopement. While her dad took the news well, Penny found out that he killed her pet pig. Talk about harshing someone's mellow.
Engage in impromptu singing

8. Engage in impromptu singing

Who doesn't love a good sing-along with friends?

While fixing their van's flat tire in the middle of the desert, all the boys broke out into song and Sheldon even showed off his vocal chops!

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