How To Break Up With Your Roommate, As Suggested By The Big Bang Theory

Moving on up—and possibly out

1. Moving on up—and possibly out

When Penny and Leonard finally tied the knot it was inevitable that the two would want to live together as a married couple and that's why they needed to break the news gently.

Sure, the request seemed fairly straightforward and relatively logical, but the idea was a hard-sell for Sheldon Cooper because the neuroscientist isn't the kind of guy who takes kindly to change. 

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, allow us to offer up the following seven steps that'll allow you to amicably break up with your roommate with the least amount of collateral damage possible.

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1. Take your friend out to do his (or her) favorite things

2. 1. Take your friend out to do his (or her) favorite things

It's never a good time to be the bearer of bad news, but you can certainly ease the sting of asking your roommate to vamoose by buttering up the receiver. In fact, that's just what Penny and Leonard did when they took Sheldon out for blue Icees and a trip to the container store before telling him they were moving in together. 
​2. Slowly move boxes out

3. ​2. Slowly move boxes out

Taking items over to your new abode one piece at a time makes the process of moving out seem less intimidating, right?

That's exactly what Leonard started doing until Sheldon realized more and more belongings were moving to Penny's.
​3. Ask other friends to comfort your newly homeless pal

4. ​3. Ask other friends to comfort your newly homeless pal

Change is something difficult to handle on your own, which is why it's important to rely on friends to help you through it.

Although Bernadette was Sheldon's seventh choice of shoulders to cry on, he felt comfortable opening up to her about his roommate conundrum. 
​4. Set up your friend with another roommate

5. ​4. Set up your friend with another roommate

One way to make amends for asking your existing roommate to move out is to find him/her a new one ASAP.

Despite dealing with her own roommate problems, Bernadette suggests her live-in bunky, Stuart, shack up with Sheldon instead. When he passed, she then tries to unload her freeloading friend on Amy, who turns down a cool $1,000 to take the comic-book fanatic off her hands.
​5. Revise the roommate agreement

6. ​5. Revise the roommate agreement

When it comes to parting ways, it's important that any disputes and/or property dispersement is agreed upon ahead of time.

For Sheldon, that means adjusting his stringent roommate agreement to mitigate the loss he suffered after Leonard tried to turn in his walking papers.
6. Don't get emotional

7. 6. Don't get emotional

Roommates will come and go, so not getting too attached is key to making it through the potentially difficult separation process.

One possible coping mechanism? Denial and an imaginary time machine. That's the approach Sheldon took when he decided to revert back to 2003, a time that was simpler and Leonard-less. 
​7. Compromise

8. ​7. Compromise

To make sure everyone walks away from the cohabitation breakup feeling as good as possible, it's best to firmly negotiate the terms of the impending dissolution—or, if an agreement can't be reached, then simply agree to split your time between apartments in order to appease your heartbroken friend. 

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