The Science Of Song: 13 Key Musical Moments From The Big Bang Theory

Penny singing

1. Penny singing "Soft Kitty" to Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory gang might be known for their scientific expertise, but over the course of nine seasons, they've shown a lotta love for another passion: music.

Whether it was an impromptu car sing-along or tender romantic gesture, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, Penny, Leonard, Bernadette, and Amy have all taken a stab at the creative pursuit, so let's take a look (and a listen) at some of the series' chart-topping musical moments.

First, "Soft Kitty" may as well be the show's unofficial theme song since it's been sung so many times over the years, but one of our favorites instances was when Penny nursed Sheldon back to health with the sweet tune in "The Pancake Batter Anomaly" (Episode 11, Season 1).
Sheldon, Raj, and Howard rocking out to

2. Sheldon, Raj, and Howard rocking out to "Under The Bridge"

Like any tech geniuses, Sheldon, Raj and Howard opted to use a video game to hone their musical talents while singing "Under The Bridge" by Red Hot Chili Peppers on "The Maternal Capacitance" (Episode 15, Season 2). 
Raj and Bernadette performing a Bollywood routine

3. Raj and Bernadette performing a Bollywood routine

Not only could Raj and Bernadette bust out a nice soft shoe, but they also showcased their impressive pipes when they performed a Bollywood rendition of the hindi song "My Heart, My Universe" in "The Thespian Catalyst" (Episode 14, Season 4). Sadly, it was all a dream sequence.
Amy playing her harp

4. Amy playing her harp

Amy has whipped out her harp a few times on The Big Bang Theory, but one of the best instances happened after she found out Penny and Bernadette went shopping for wedding dresses without her. Feeling abandoned, she understandably strummed her emotions with the heartbreaking melody of R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" in "The Isolation Permutation" (Episode 8, Season 5).
Sheldon playing his bongos

5. Sheldon playing his bongos

When his regular barber went into the hospital, Sheldon felt like his whole world was crumbling around him, so he decided to cope with the chaos by playing the bongos, just like noted physicist Richard Feynman, in "The Werewolf Transformation" (Episode 18, Season 5).

Howard and Raj peforming

6. Howard and Raj peforming "Thor & Dr. Jones"

When Stuart says he's looking for a band to play at the comic-book store, Howard and Raj offered up their musical talents, formed the group Footprints On The Moon, and wrote the song "Thor & Dr. Jones" on "The 2003 Approximation" (Episode 4, Season 9). 
Amy and Howard singing Neil Diamond

7. Amy and Howard singing Neil Diamond

What started as an awkward car ride quickly turned into a heartfelt bonding experience for Amy and Howard when they realized their shared love of the "Sweet Caroline" crooner in "The Hawking Excitation" (Episode 21, Season 5). 
Howard and Raj singing the theme to Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Chess

8. Howard and Raj singing the theme to Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Chess

In our humble opinion, nothing gets us into the spirit of a made-up game by singing hypothetical background music to make the competition more fierce. After all, that's exactly what Howard and Raj did to Leonard as he attempted to navigate through the challenging maze as part of Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Chess in "The Work Song Nanocluster" (Episode 18, Season 2). 
Leonard singing alone in the car

9. Leonard singing alone in the car

Ever have one of those moments where you're alone in your car and decide it's the perfect opportunity to belt out your favorite song as loud as you can? Leonard experienced a similar instance in "The Vacation Solution" (Episode 16, Season 5) when he perked up to sing The Black Eyed Peas' party jam "I Gotta Feeling;" unfortunately, Sheldon popped up in the backseat, which totally harshed his mellow solo.
Penny and Sheldon singing

10. Penny and Sheldon singing "Blow The Man Down"

To get through a huge rush order of Penny Blossoms, her signature brand of bejeweled barrettes, Penny enlisted the help of Sheldon and the pair sang the English sea chanty "Blow The Man Down," which actually boosted their productivity in "The Work Song Nanocluster" (Episode 18, Season 2).
Howard serenading Bernadette in the hospital

11. Howard serenading Bernadette in the hospital

When Bernadette got quarantined after mishandling a raccoon virus, Howard wouldn't let her seclusion stop him from celebrating the anniversary of their first date. So, Howard enlisted the help of Raj, Sheldon, Leonard and Penny in "The Romance Resonance" (Episode 6, Season 7), where he performed an original song called "If I Didn't Have You" outside her isolation room. 
Sheldon playing the theremin

12. Sheldon playing the theremin

Sheldon showcased his flair for playing the theremin in an attempt to disrupt the project Howard, Raj ,and Leonard were working on without him in "The Bus Pants Utilization" (Episode 12, Season 4).
Howard and Bernadette singing

13. Howard and Bernadette singing "I Got You Babe"

When the whole gang decided to attend a science conference, they had to split up into two cars. Howard and Bernadette adorably dubbed their vehicle the "Love Car" and proceeded to sing Sonny & Cher's "I Got You Babe" much to Penny's dismay in "The Love Car Displacement" (Episode 13, Season 4).
Penny, Bernadette, and Amy celebrate with some karaoke

14. Penny, Bernadette, and Amy celebrate with some karaoke

To celebrate Howard and Bernadette's pregnancy announcement, which was revealed on "The Positive Negative Reaction" (Episode 16, Season 9), the whole gang whooped it up in the most appropriate of ways—by singing baby-themed tunes during a killer karaoke session. 

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