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Britney Haynes, the hilarious and sometimes naïve Pharmaceutical sales rep, was famously evicted in Season 12 by Enzo, Matt, Lane and Hayden – “The Brigade.” In Britney’s own words, “I got really badly burned… it was not smart.” This fourth place finisher has learned from her mistakes and is excited to return as a coach. Her plan is to very carefully and deliberately give her team members just the right amount of information. She knows that playing an emotional game isn’t always the best strategy and she is going to make sure that her team isn’t playing too emotionally and sees the big picture. Since BIG BROTHER 12, Britney got married, moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and bought a house. This 24-year-old newlywed is looking forward to another summer in the BIG BROTHER house and is hoping to make more memories, like her favorite from season 12: “when Kathy got stuck in the caramel.”