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Jason Roy

Age: 25
Hometown: Fall River, Massachusetts
Current City: Swansea, Massachusetts
Occupation: Supermarket cashier
Three adjectives that describe you: Vibrant, motor mouthed, and hungry.
Favorite Activities: Hanging out with my girlfriends, going out with them shopping/dinner/drinks, etc. I also enjoy crafts, item personalization, making candles, anything DIY and upcycling. Watching the Big Brother feeds and enjoying days in the sun, which are few here.
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: I feel the most difficult part will be the game aspect. The maneuvering through people and surviving the first week and any twists. I've watched enough years of feeds to know I can slink around and be bored all day and that daily living will become second nature. It will probably be most difficult biting my tongue. In life, I will check people without fear of repercussion but in that house, I could be chewing my lips off my face some days. Also, running out of cigarettes in an already stressful environment would be difficult.
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most: Favorites would include Danielle from Season 3, Diane from Season 5, Daniele from Season 8, Kevin from Season 11, and Britney from Season 12. Diane would be my overall favorite because I feel that she was the first girl to truly get robbed in this game. Sorry, Danielle from Season 3, but you should have known the Satan thing wasn't going to go over well. Britney was a great entertainment factor and a catchphrase queen.
What are you afraid of: Flying and airplanes. Also, spiders. I have two terrible stories of spiders and their babies hatching close in my vicinity. Once, as a child, I woke up all itchy and knew something was wrong. I turned on the light, which was hanging above my bed, and I was covered with hundreds of little white spiders. I didn’t sleep in my room for a week afterwards. Spiders are my only kryptonite.
Finish this sentence: My life’s motto is… Make fun of everything and most especially yourself.
What would you take into the house and why: My Louis Vuitton backpack because it’s like my adopted child that comes everywhere (the uses for it in that house are currently lost on me), Mod Podge for crafting (best way to stay busy and break up the day), and I guess all my crazy printed shirts that would most likely get confiscated.

Jason may be short and skinny, but this Massachusetts boy has got a big mouth on him. Never one to shy away from conflict, Jason admits he's not easily intimidated. As a child, Jason was always picked last for team sports but would then surprise his classmates with his unwavering determination and shocking speed. Still living at home with his mother, Jason has always got along better with women and plans on having an all-female alliance upon entering the Big Brother house. He thinks the strong men should be targeted immediately and winning challenges will be a crucial part of his strategy. Jason wouldn't be caught dead lounging around the Big Brother house in his pajamas all day; he's got too much style and sass for that.

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