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Jack Matthews
Age: 28
Hometown: Chicago
Current city: Tampa, Florida
Occupation: Fitness Trainer 
Three adjectives that describe you: Honest, integrity, and character.
Favorite activities: CrossFit, photography, and hanging with my dog Layla.
Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
Be honest, have integrity, and good character.
My life's motto is... 
"Keep it simple."
What would you take into the house and why?
- My dog, Layla.
- Camera. 
- Music.

 Fun facts about yourself
- I can snatch 275 lbs. (Olympic weightlifting jargon).
- I can wiggle my ears.
- I have pretty large hands for my height.
- I like to sing. I think I'm good at it when I'm by myself.
- I can walk on my hands for quite some time.