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This 21-year-old bikini model knows how attractive she is and uses it to her every advantage. Laura is very active and enjoys working out, cheerleading, kickboxing, running and gymnastics. She feels that her determination and sassy, outgoing attitude will get her far in the game.

She finds her work as a model rewarding due to the fact that she is able to meet fascinating people, has received crazy gift offers and has been able to travel to amazing places for free. This work has resulted in her appearance in several tanning product advertisements and gave her the opportunity to win the 2008 Planet Beach Title (a pageant) where she also competed in the World Finals.

She enjoys going out at least once a weekend. She doesn't feel that she is extremely temperamental but, once while out and about, she went toe-to-toe with a woman who gave her a nasty attitude. She can’t stand when people attempt to make her feel inferior.

While in the house, she plans to live in her bikini (which will surely show off a lower back tattoo that she refers to as her "Tramp Stamp") and feels that her body will be her secret weapon. For her, the hardest part of being confined in the house will be abstaining from sex.

Unafraid to hurt feelings, lie or manipulate in order to win, she feels that her advantage is that she is a genuine BIG BROTHER fan who truly knows how to play the game -- she can even name the Head of Household winners from every season.

Laura’s birth date is December 21, 1987.