Season 14: Episode 1 - Season 14: Episode 1
Posted on Jul 12, 2012 10:00pm

Julie opens by telling viewers that this season there is a new group of players with four returning houseguests and a unique twist unlike any other summer. Four of the greatest houseguests will join this season involving new rules and a new prize. But the returners are coming back as coaches, not players. Every week, the players will compete for food, luxury, and power to claim the half million-dollar prize. The cast of BIG BROTHER is about to embark on a grueling summer power struggle. The new houseguests are introduced as they get ready to move into their new home: Frank, a huge BIG BROTHER fan from Naples, Florida, Danielle, a nurse, Shane, a house flipper and beer and wine salesman, Jodi, an older newlywed from California, Ian, a young chemical engineering student attending Tulane University, Wil, a young southern gay man from Kentucky with long blonde hair, Jo Jo, a street smart New Yorker, Willie, a tough guy and brother of the infamous Russell Hantz from Survivor, Kara, a young model, Joe, a father and chef, Jenn, a gay rocker chick who is a former member of the rock band “Kittie,” Ashley, a pretty spray tan technician from California with a degree from a Big 10 school. The players pack their bags for their move-in. The players line up to see each other for the first time ever, and have had no communication whatsoever. Julie invites the first four HGs to enter the BIG BROTHER house and they are Wil, Ashley, Jodi and Frank. The next four houseguests to enter the BIG BROTHER house are Ian, Shane, Jenn and Danielle. The final four to enter the BIG BROTHER house are Willie, Joe, Kara and JoJo. As they all scope out beds and claim their territory Ian immediately recognizes that Willie has a striking resemblance to Russell Hantz from SURVIVOR. Once everyone is settled, the players gather in the living room and introduce one another. But before anyone can get too comfortable, Julie announces that the first twist of the summer is underway: four houseguests from previous seasons will be returning and one of the new cast members will be going home before anyone even unpacks their bags! Julie announces that the 12 new houseguests will be joined by one of the four BIG BROTHER Greats. The returners are: Dan, winner of BB 10, Janelle, from BB 6 and BB All Stars, Britney, from BB 12, and the infamous Mike ‘Boogie’, from BB 2 and the winner of BB All Stars. The new cast members are nervous but Julie quickly eases the tension when she explains that the returning greats are not coming back to compete, but are returning to coach. Which means they cannot win HOH or POV, and cannot cast vote to evict, but the one who coaches a new player into the winning spot will take home $100,000. As the returners enter the house everyone goes wild and is happy to have someone with experience in their corner. Dan immediately asks Willie if he is related to Russell, Willie denies it. Julie tells the house guests that unlike previous seasons, they did not receive a key because there are 12 of them, but only 11 keys. They have to compete in a challenge in order to earn their way into the house, one member of the losing group of players will have to leave the house on their first day. The coaches have to get started picking their players and head into the first competition of the summer. The backyard is set up as an obstacle course with large beds, on one end is three cubbyholes and the other is a stack of giant teddy bears with the players color on them. Each player will have to race across the beds, grab a bear, bring it back to the start before the next player can go. Once all three bears are in the cubby holes one player races across the beds again to turn on a night light. The players with the fastest time wins, the players with the slowest time loses, coaches will not run the course. However, the coach of the losing group of players will have to decide which of their three will go home that night. Going into the picks, Willie is nervous that he will be picked last as it is quickly becoming clear that he is the black sheep of the house. The green players are Britney, Shane, Willie, JoJo, the pink players are Boogie, Frank, Ian, Jenn, the blue players are Janelle, Wil, Ashley, Joe and the orange players are Dan, Danielle, Kara and Jodi. With all the talk of SURVIVOR and his brother, Willie is confident he is going home if the green players end up in last place. The game play is intense with everyone barely edging each other out. After many attempts to complete the challenge JoJo finally gets her grip and makes it across successfully. She tags Shane, who races to the other end to hit the night light for a game winning time, the green players celebrate. As the others begin to lose steam Julie chimes in and reminds everyone that this is also a race to not be last. The blue players come in second place, pink in third and orange is in last place. Britney chooses Willie to be the first HOH of the summer because she feels that Willie has a target on his back and she doesn’t want one of her players to go home. Dan has to start thinking about which player he will send home before the first night is finished in the BIG BROTHER house. Dan has narrowed it down to Danielle or Jodi, Kara was the only member who brought back a bear in the challenge so she is safe. Danielle and Jodi separately plead their cases to Dan in hopes they will see another day in the house. Julie gathers the guests in the living room and in the end Dan evicts Jodi. Everyone takes a moment to absorb the witnessing of the quickest eviction in Big Brother history. In a complete turn of events, Willie, the new HOH, feels like this game is now his to win. Tune in Sunday for a new coaches competition.