Season 14: Episode 2 - Season 14: Episode 2
Posted on Jul 16, 2012 03:00am

Jodi has exited the BB house, and Dan is bummed. But Boogie, on the other hand, is not phased by Jodi’s departure, Kara and Danielle are also in good spirits feeling that they have a strong team. True to form, Boogie wastes no time in getting the game started when he talks to Dan privately he tells him that wants to use him as an ally, but Dan is hesitant. Meanwhile, Janelle and Britney are anticipating the Boogie and Dan alliance so they decide to align with each other. Upstairs in the house Willie is overjoyed to settle into his HOH digs and Jenn is a bit jealous. Willie reveals to Britney and Janelle that he is Russell’s brother, they are a bit shocked but share with him that they are working on an alliance between each of their players and Willie to amass 6 votes. Willie is also able to recruit Wil to join their alliance which could be a game changer for him. As HOH, Willie is getting suggestions from many people in the house for who should be nominated for the eviction and he pulls Frank aside to feel him out. They have a good conversation but Willie keeps his options open when talking to him. As time goes on Ian seems to be rubbing the other houseguests the wrong way between his pacing and even streaking in the house, actions that don’t go unnoticed by Boogie. Before anyone can get comfortable Julie has the houseguests gather in the living room to tell them about the coaches competition where each week the coaches will be battling to win a new power. In addition, the coach competition will determine the have-nots for the week. Willie enters the room wearing a strange 1920s Derby costume and invites everyone to the backyard for the start of the first coach competition of the summer. The coaches, dressed as horses, will have to race on another on a slick track; the winner of 3 heats of the races will be able to grant one of their players safety for the week. After a fierce competition Boogie is the winner and he decides to give the safety to Ian for the week. Next, each coach has to pick a player to live in the have-not room for one week, the four chosen are: Shane, Danielle, Ian and Ashley. Willie was blindsided by Boogie not deciding to give the safety to Frank, he was planning on taking out Ian but now has to rethink his strategy. Joe has started to annoy the other houseguests too, he is using too much food, Boogie immediately tells Willie this and recommends that Joe be nominated. Boogie strikes up a conversation with Dan again to talk strategy, they both feel they are safe because neither Britney nor Janelle were winners on their seasons and they clearly can’t play at the same level. Willie is having a hard time deciding which two players to nominate after his first week as HOH, he finally makes a decision and is sure that everyone is going to be surprised. At the end of the ceremony the two nominees are Frank and Kara. Willie tells Frank that their alliance is over and that he didn’t feel that he had time to get to know her. Always in game mode, Boogie is angry and says in the Diary Room that Willie nominating one of his players was a mistake. Tune in on Wednesday for the next episode of BIG BROTHER.