Big Brother
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Season 14: Episode 3 - Episode 3
Posted on Jul 19, 2012 12:00am

Frank is disappointed that Willie went against his word but he is determined to fight for that Power of Veto, Boogie is less forgiving and is now gunning for Willie. Dan consoles Kara and tells her not to panic while Boogie immediately advises Frank to get on Willie's good side because they can use his influence. Frank has a private conversation with Willie and finds out that he is gunning for Boogie and not him. In an attempt to stay in the game Frank tries to form an alliance with Willie but isn't sure if it really worked. Britney and Janelle couldn't be happier with the way things worked out they decided to form an alliance and everyone went along with them. Boogie and Dan decide to rally and fight hard against the female coaches.

In the backyard Willie turns up the tension when he tells everyone it is time to pick players for the veto competition. The competitors end up being, Frank, Kara, Shane, Willie, Danielle and Wil. Both Kara and Frank try to align with Shane because he is the strongest competitor and could win the P.O.V. Meanwhile, Boogie approaches Britney and Janelle separately and tries to align with them. He tells Janelle if him, Janelle and Britney align they can knock Dan out. The conversation doesn't go very well with Britney and he isn't quite sure where he stands with her. Janelle knows what Boogie is trying to do and doesn't buy it for a second but she likes the idea of breaking up the Dan/Boogie alliance. She decides to tell Dan everything Boogie said about him.

The host of the festivities, JoJo, invites everyone to the veto competition called Loose Change. Each player has to race through soapsuds to find the large coins worth anywhere from 5 cents to a dollar and toss them in the vending machine slot. The first person to score $1.30, wins the Golden Power of Veto. Inside each vending machine is the golden POV. After a heated game, Shane wins and he immediately knows that he has a big decision to make.

JoJo is very proud of her team as well as Shane for winning the competition. The celebration doesn't last long for Shane as the weight of his decision is becoming more and more clear to him. He might use his new power to save one of his fellow houseguests but he is worried about annoying Willie or Boogie by going against either of their conflicting wishes. In addition, Shane believes that because he is such a strong competitor he might be nominated for eviction next week. There is a chance he will decide to not use the P.O.V. this week to try and keep his hands clean.

Shane takes a moment to consider what he will ultimately do, then calls all the houseguests into the living room for the veto meeting. After giving both Kara and Frank another chance to plead their cases to him as to why he should take them off the block, Shane announces that he will not be using the P.O.V. this week. Kara and Frank both plan to fight to stay in the house, Dan now has it out for Boogie as well. As usual, Boogie is not worried at all, he is pretty confident Kara will be walking out the door after the eviction.

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