Season 14: Episode 4 - Season 14: Episode 4
Posted on Jul 20, 2012 10:00am

Frank is very uneasy about the upcoming vote so he decides to visit Willie in the HOH room and they both say they trust one another. However, Willie does feel like he is taking a risk by working with Frank, even as Frank tries to reassure him. Willie, Wil, JoJo, Shane, Janelle, Joe, Ashley and Britney have a private meeting in the HOH room to discuss who they should vote for to evict. Willie is trying to sway everyone to vote for Kara because he is worried she will come after one of them next week if she stays. Out in the yard, Britney and Shane are playing pool, when she sees a conversation happening between Janelle and Dan. This gets her thinking that there might be an alliance brewing between the two of them. Later, Britney gets a bit worried about the chance of another twist where the coaches enter the game as players. She shares her theory with Willie because they are allies and he starts to get worried. He decides to call a meeting for players only with no coaches allowed. In the meeting, Willie tries to convince his fellow players that the coaches are playing their own games and trying to turn everyone against each other. He tells the group the theory that the coaches might be entering the game as players which could be disastrous for them. The meeting gets everyone a bit agitated and now Frank is worried he is in a worse spot with the group before his vote comes up.

After the meeting, Frank doubts his status again and decides to talk to Willie in the HOH room. As their conversation is going on, Britney joins them in time to see Willie mock a comment Wil made earlier. The whole experience rubs Frank the wrong way and gets him into a place mentally where he feels he can't trust Willie anymore. He heads downstairs where Joe tells Frank that Willie has been lying to him about getting him votes to stay, he was actually telling everyone to split their votes, Frank is incensed. Frank then decides to tell Joe and Jenn about how Willie was mocking Wil. Joe tells Wil what has been going on and he vows that this will come back to get Willie later in the game. When Willie finds out Frank trashed him, he is furious and heads downstairs. He screams at Frank telling him he was trying to save him, Frank doesn't believe a word he says. Willie says forget it, everyone should vote how they want but he hopes they send Frank home. Boogie inserts himself into the argument and asks if he did make fun of Wil or not and who died and left Willie boss of the house.

Julie has the houseguests gather in the living room to see how they are holding up and ask them a few questions. JoJo tells Julie that the house is a little weird right now after just the first week. Ian is having the time of his life while Wil has a hard time summing up the past thirteen days in the house. Willie says that his reign as HOH has been full of extreme pressure. Boogie also comments on how hard it is to coach as opposed to be playing in the game. It is now time for the live eviction, but first Frank and Kara get to plead their cases. Frank tells his fellow houseguests how hard he fought to get into the house and that bullying isn't ok inside or outside the house. Kara says she played an honest game and that everyone should vote for who they think will get them further. The coaches and nominees are not allowed to vote and, as HOH, Willie only votes in the event of a tie. One by one, the houseguests go into the diary room to vote to evict the second person. After all the votes are in, the second person to get evicted from the house is Kara.

Julie talks to Kara just after her eviction, she thinks she was evicted because of Dan being her coach or just because of alliances in the house. She thinks that being too quiet in the game for too long was a problem and might have resulted in her eviction. Kara gets to listen to the messages her houseguests recorded for her and is touched by their remarks.

Julie tells the audience that last night the houseguests were woken up with videos of a cat burglar in their house. A few times through the night they were summoned to the living room to watch different videos of the mysterious burglar doing things to their things in the house.

All the houseguests are in the yard where they are told about this week's live HOH competition. Willie will not be able to play for the title of HOH, nor will the coaches, The game is called 'Big Brother Break In' and the players will have to recall the series of videos they watched where a burglar has broken into the house and appeared to have stolen some things. They will all be asked questions about the videos to determine if the burglar was guilty or not. If they get the answer right, they stay in the game if not, they are eliminated from the game and not eligible to become this week's HOH. The last person left in the game will become the new HOH. After the quiz is over, the new HOH is Frank. Julie doesn't let them get too comfortable, she tells them that the coach who wins the competition on Sunday will be able to trade one of their players for any other, except the HOH Frank.

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