Season 14: Episode 5 - Season 14: Episode 5
Posted on Jul 23, 2012 09:50am

After Kara's eviction Dan consoles Danielle, she is sad that Kara is out of the house. Dan tells her to stay strong and he won't let her down. Meanwhile, Boogie and Frank are giddy now that Frank has won the title of HOH for the week. Willie isn’t so happy but plans to fight to stay in the game. Britney's players are wondering what to do with Willie after his antics in the house. Britney is worried that Willie's actions will affect her other players.

Frank invites everyone upstairs to see his HOH room. Boogie is excited as well, he too gets to move into the HOH room with and enjoy a week upstairs. Later, Willie talks to his coach, Britney, in the game room and she expresses her displeasure at his selfishness. Willie stresses this is an individual game. Shane and Danielle are flirting around the house. Danielle is okay that he is pursuing her and is open to see where things go. In the living room, Britney walks in on a conversation Boogie is having with Dan about the upcoming coaches competition and the fact that the winner can trade a player. Boogie tries to convince Britney to keep her players if she wins but she isn’t buying his tactic.

Later that day, Boogie talks to Ian privately about making sure he isn’t targeted for eviction. Ian mentions that he was going to ask Ashley out on a slop date - Boogie likes the idea. Later Boogie tells Dan the idea and Dan helps Ian by bringing Ashley to him so he can ask her out. Ian asks her out and the two have their ‘slop date’ in the game room. Later on, Shane talks to JoJo and Britney about separating from Willie.

Dressed in early 90’s gear, Frank invites the houseguests outside for the 'Phat Stacks' Coaches comp. He welcomes the coaches, who enter in decked out Hammer-style pants that are rigged so the coaches can only walk sideways on a balance beam. The winning coach chooses four Have-Nots and gets to decide whether or not to trade a player of theirs OR save them from eviction. The objective is to transfer stacks of cash from one end to the other one at a time by only shuffling sideways - first one to complete the task wins. The coaches cannot drop cash and cannot fall off the beam before tapping the buzzer. Britney has a huge lead in the first part of the competition but drops stacks of cash and is forced out of the comp - leaving Boogie, Janelle, and Dan to battle it out. Janelle wins the competition, saves Ashley and chooses the have-nots: Willie, JoJo, Shane, and Ian.

The players re-enter the house and see piles of slop and some new additions to the have-not menu, pork rinds and pudding. Shortly after Willie tries to pull JoJo aside to talk to her but Britney quickly grabs JoJo to talk to her first. Willie decides to go to the HOH room and tell everyone not to punish Shane and JoJo for his mistakes last week. Later in the Kitchen, Willie starts to talk to JoJo and Britney joins the conversation. Willie sits at the dining table and calls the houseguests a name as Joe is walking by. Joe makes a comment as he is walking to the bathroom. Willie runs to the bathroom and tries to start a confrontation with Joe. Willie is called to the Diary Room immediately. Later, Allison Grodner, Executive Producer of Big Brother, calls the houseguests into the living room and announces that acts of violence are not tolerated in the Big Brother house and Willie has been removed from the game. Tune in on Wednesday at 8/7c to see what happens next on Big Brother.