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Season 14: Episode 7 - Episode 7
Posted on Jul 27, 2012 10:00am

Danielle is upset after being nominated for eviction after Shane used the veto on himself. JoJo is happy she is going up against Danielle, she knows that there are many reasons she should be able to stay in the house and plans on making sure that everyone else knows them. Dan talks to Danielle privately and tells her that he told her he was not going to be able to help her as a motivational tool. Danielle forgives him for using that coaching technique on her even though it hurt her feelings. Later, Shane and JoJo are talking in the have not room and he tells her that he is there for her and that there is always a way to stay. Ian walks in and they decide to turn the light off and keep talking, Shane and JoJo start to playfully flirt and Ian feels uncomfortable.

The next day Danielle starts talking to Ian who tells her about Shane and JoJo flirting. She takes in this news and feels scorned. Danelle heads inside to talk to Ashley and Janelle. She tells the girls about the flirtation Shane had with JoJo the night before. Janelle thinks this is bad for her players because couples vote together and take each other to the end. Danielle is happy she shared the information because it puts a target on the back of JoJo, which means she could be staying another week. Later that day in the HOH room JoJo is talking to Britney who gives her some advice. Britney tells JoJo to stay low and she says she knows. Britney is frustrated after the conversation saying that it can be very hard to talk to JoJo about things.

Boogie and Britney talk in the HOH room later to talk about who should go home. Britney is advocating keeping one of her players, JoJo, over Danielle. Boogie makes the point that the only reason to keep Danielle around would be to keep her coach Dan too. He thinks that if a twist happens and the coaches enter the game as players, the new house guests will immediately target the coaches for eviction. Britney does not seem to agree, she asks Boogie if he can get Ian to work with him. When he responds with a yes, she asserts that a partnership like that would give him 'all the numbers' in the house. Boogie considers this and talks about how it is 'a strong consideration' and notes that he can have his players swing the vote how he wants them to.

Julie show a clip of the recent confrontation from Willie in a previous episode and talks with the house guests about the incident. Joe tells Julie that he was thinking about protecting himself while Ian was worried for his safety and tried to use his instincts from his job. Julie then talks to Britney and Shane about winning POV in the last veto competition, Britney was very proud of him for winning. Julie then shows a video of Dr. Will. In the video, he introduces himself as a player from season 2 of BIG BROTHER and recounts how he became fast friends with Boogie. He also mentions how Chilltown was an alliance he had that didn't stab people in the back, but in the front instead. Dr. Will thinks that Boogie did a good job of selecting his players. Will doesn't think that the rest of the coaches are doing a good job though. If he had to make a prediction right now about who will win BIG BROTHER 14, he would go with Ian.

In the last hour of Frank's reign as HOH, Julie talks to him privately in his room. He tells her that Boogie's advice has been important to him in the game. Frank also tells her that working with Shane is one option but not his only plan, he also thinks the alliance with Janelle and her players will last. Back in the living room JoJo pleads her case to stay by saying that she has not been playing a dirty game and others should vote to keep her. Danielle tells her housemates that she would be a great asset and would like to stay longer. After a tense live vote JoJo is evicted from the house. When she gets out in front of the house Julie asks her why she thought she deserved to stay in the house. JoJo believes that she proved herself in the competitions and had a lot of heart. She also says that she stayed loyal to Willie because she stuck with her original alliance. JoJo plans to root for Britney as the game goes on without her. She knows about the mistakes she made while in the house but also knows she had to be who she really is.

All the house guests are in the hockey rink styled backyard for this weeks HOH competition. In the game called "On Thin Ice" each house guest will shoot a puck into a goal and try to get it in the slot with the highest point value. The one with the most points wins the challenge. After everyone takes their shot, Shane wins HOH with a score of 20 points. Julie talks to Shane about being the new HOH, it's a great feeling for him. Britney thinks it is great to have her player in control this week, she is very excited. After Julie says goodnight to the house guests she tells America to vote on whether or not to give the coaches the option to join the game as players along with the new houseguests or stay as coaches.

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