Big Brother
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Season 14: Episode 8 - Episode 8
Posted on Jul 30, 2012 10:15am

By a vote of 5 to1, Jo Jo is evicted from the Big Brother house. JoJo is not shocked that she was voted out and Danielle is excited to make it off the block. Shane was disappointed to lose his friend and the last person in the alliance. With JoJo gone Britney now sees how tough of a spot she is in compared to Janelle and Boogie who now have all their players. With Shane as the new HOH Frank is hoping he is safe because of the loose deal he made with him earlier on. Meanwhile, Joe thinks he might be in trouble this week. Now that JoJo is gone, Shane admits he was starting to form a relationship with her but he will concentrate on Danielle now. Wil is also worried that he is a target this week because Shane has gone from the hunted to the hunter. Later, Shane enters the living room and invites everyone to see his hew HOH room, when they all get there the room falls silent with no one talking but no one wanting to be the first to leave. Britney and Dan notice the budding showmance between their players and they start talking about working together to go after Janelle and Boogie’s players. He is repeatedly pressured into putting Frank up but Shane wants to stay true to his alliance with Frank.

Joe is up early the next morning to make what he calls a Royal Breakfast. He delivers it to Shane while he is still sleeping in his HOH bed. Joe figures this is a good way to kiss up to Shane and try to keep himself off the block. Frank and Shane talk privately, Frank tells him if he wants Wil out he will vote Wil out. Frank is trying to figure out if his alliance is still in place while Shane is trying to figure out if he can trust Frank. Later, Danielle talks to Shane in the HOH room, he tells her to put up Frank or Wil, Shane tells her that he can’t go against his word and nominate Frank. After their conversation, Shane makes a deal with her to go to the final 2 together.

As the house guests all hang out in the living room, Shane enters decked out in 80’s workout clothing, and tells the Players that it is time for the Coaches competition. The competition is called ‘Feel the Burn,’ and the coaches have to demonstrate how to stay in shape in the BB gym. In each round they have a set amount of time to do as many repititions at each exercise as possible, the coach with the lowest amount at the end of a round is eliminated. After the 3 rounds, a winner is crowned and they can choose to save or trade a player. Janelle wins the competition but Boogie got a consolation prize of $10,000 to split with other players, one of whom is Ian who is moved to tears with the gift. Janelle has a sense that Wil might be in danger so she decides to save him for the week. Britney has to pick the have nots for the week for her consolation prize, she choose Joe and Ian volunteers as part of his strategy to stick around and take punishments others don’t want to. Dan won a sushi party and shared it with the other coaches, Shane and Danielle. When the players enter the house they see that America voted for some additions to the have not menu: cereal and salmon.

Joe and Janelle enter the HOH room to talk to Shane and Britney in hopes of finding out what Shane is thinking for nominations as well as put some ideas in his head. Boogie and Frank then head into the HOH room, Boogie is trying to get Shane to nominate Joe and Ashley but Britney is worried after the vote is over Boogie will decide to gang up with Janelle and her team to come after them. Boogie agrees but she doesn’t know what to believe. Shane is not sure what to do, Britney once again tells him to put Frank up but he starts to head downstairs. When she realizes she doesn’t know what he has decided to do, she walks with him to the Diary Room to try and find out. Shane contemplates who he will nominate for eviction this week and calls the house guests into the kitchen for the ceremony. After a tense ceremony, Joe and Ashley are nominated. Shane says he wanted them to feel what it was like to have to go against a fellow player that had the same coach as he did. Ashley and Joe are very upset with the news of their being on the block. Shane now hopes that because he was loyal to them, Frank and Boogie will also be loyal to him in the future. Frank is very happy and now knows he can trust Shane.

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