Big Brother
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Season 14: Episode 10 - Episode 10
Posted on Aug 3, 2012 10:00am

Julie talks about the many big moves and power shifts that have taken place in the house to date. She then mentions the new twist that may take place with America's vote to give the coaches the option to enter the game as players. Tonight the results of the vote will be revealed to the house guests as well as America. Back in the house after the veto ceremony that left Frank on the block, Boogie bolts out of the room as fast as possible. Ashley is happy to have had Shane save her for the week but Frank quickly realizes that Danielle is going to be the swing vote for him. At this point, it is unclear if Shane is really targeting Frank or Joe. Frank talks to Boogie in the bedroom where Boogie learns Frank suspected that he might be put on the block in the veto ceremony, Boogie is annoyed that he wasn't told this by Frank beforehand. Britney joins them in the bedroom and explains that Frank was put up because of the comment Ian made the other night about not being sure whether or not he would ever put Shane on the block. Meanwhile, Shane talks to Janelle and says that he hopes his actions of taking one her players off the block and putting up one of Boogie's will show how much he is on board with working with her. They all agree that Danielle is going to be the swing vote and that they have to keep her away from the other players.

Ian is still reeling from the veto ceremony when Frank and Boogie pull him out of the have not room to talk to him about the comment he made to Britney. Ian is worried after hearing about his comment that caused this chain of events. They talk about the importance of Danielle's vote and how they believe they have it so they will get past this eviction, but they know they have to keep cool heads about it. Later, in the backyard Janelle is talking to Wil and Joe when she talks about how she saved Wil from being backdoored earlier in the game. Wil is offended by the comment and walks away from the group. The next day, Joe and Wil talk in the yard and Wil mentions how annoyed he is with Janelle after the comment she made the other day, Joe starts to think about this. Later, Joe and Ashley are talking about how Wil is annoyed at Janelle and Joe asks Ashley to get Janelle into the room so they can all talk about it. Once Janelle comes in she gets briefed on the situation with Wil by Joe and Ashley, she wants to talk with Wil directly.

Janelle pulls Wil into the room to have a talk with him. As the two start to have a conversation, Janelle starts to fake cry. Wil knows that she is just acting and isn't really sad but he decides to play along. Elsewhere in the house, Frank, Boogie, and Dan are talking privately. They try to appeal to Dan to get Danielle's vote by telling him that if Frank wins, he will not put Danielle on the block. Dan believes he can trust Frank but is less sure about Boogie. Afterwards in the diary room, Dan mentions that he liked what he heard and might be on board to get rid of Janelle's players and stay safe with Frank and Ian as well as take the focus off of him. Dan then talks to Danielle privately; they both feel that working with Frank and Boogie might be best for the both of them. When Dan asks her who she wants to run with she says she wants to stick with Shane, Dan cautions her about her feelings getting involved in the Big Brother game. Julie starts talking to the houseguests in the living room, she asks Ian about his recent cash winnings from Boogie, he has decided to use the money for basic necessities. Danielle talks about her kiss with Shane during spin the bottle, she rates it a 10, Shane says it was a 10.5. Janelle gets to watch her performance in the workout challenge from earlier in the week, she says it was harder than it looked. Julie says goodbye to the house guests and mentions the soon to be revealed results of America's vote this week. Julie talks to Shane privately in the HOH room, she asks him why he decided to backdoor Frank and put him on the block. He believes it was the best thing to do in his position. He doesn't really trust Boogie or Frank very much at this point. Shane also mentions that his showmance is not something he wants to pursue, it might put a bigger target on his back. Back in the living room Frank mentions to Boogie that his father is the wrestler that went by the name Sid Vicious. We then see a Sid on screen talking about how he always told Frank that he would be special from a young age. Flash back to Joe in the house noticing that Frank is working out like only personal trainers do. In the living room Frank does mention that he has not been on the best terms with his father lately. Back at Frank's home, his mother talks about how he is a mama's boy and how she thinks that Frank would be surprised to know how involved his father is watching the show each week from home. Sid thinks that Frank handled the argument with Willie very well and if he was in the same situation he likely would have broken all of Willie's bones. The family saw that Frank was nominated on the last episode and his mother says she hopes he will be able to get himself off the block like he did last time. Back in the Big Brother house Julie says that the results of the vote will be revealed next.

Julie says that the houseguests have no idea that America has been voting on the coaches entering the game until this moment. She tells the house that because of America's vote the coaches do now have the option to enter the game as players and give up their titles as coaches. This would reset the game, there would be no eviction tonight and all players would battle for HOH tonight. If they choose to proceed as coaches, the show will go on as normal but some evicted houseguests will have the option to re-enter the house at a later date. Julie tells them that in the diary room there is a reset button, if any coach hits the button, they are all in. Julie calls them one by one into the diary room. The first one up is Britney, she hits the button so the decision has already been made but the result is kept from the house until all coaches have their time in the diary room. Julie then tells the entire house that a new game has begun with the coaches now players in the game. She invites them all to the backyard to play a new HOH competition.

The game has been reset and Julie talks to the players in the back yard as they prepare to play the game 'Walk the Plank.' Players have to hang on the side of a boat for dear life over a pool of water, the last one to fall into the water is the new HOH. The boat starts to rock back and forth and everyone keeps hanging on. Then stormy weather breaks out when the house guests are drenched in water from above. Tune in for the next episode of BIG BROTHER on Sunday at 8/7c