Big Brother
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Season 14: Episode 11 - Episode 11
Posted on Aug 6, 2012 10:15am

As the HOH competition continues water is pouring on the players and the boat is rocking, everyone is fighting to win HOH now that the coaches are back in the game and everyone is playing as individuals. Meanwhile we hear from Boogie who says that the coaches entering the game as players is a big twist and separately Ashley adds that anything can happen this week. Flashback to just after the coaches twist is announced by Julie, Janelle asks Britney if she pushed the reset button, Britney lies and says that she didn’t. Just before everyone has to head out back for the HOH competition Dan tells Boogie that Frank was going to be voted out had the twist not come into play this week. Boogie is immediately annoyed that Dan knew about it and didn’t tell him.

Back to the HOH competition being played, all the players are struggling with the rain being blasted at them, the constant rocking of the ship, and the unfortunate blasts from seagulls. Boogie now thinks he knows that Dan hit the reset button, he yells over to Dan that he hates him for putting Boogie in a predicament to play this endurance game. After just over one hour, Boogie is the first to drop off the side of the ship and out of the competition. Over the next few hours people continue to drop off the boat, everyone is showing signs of exhaustion except for Danielle who is hanging on. The last few people hanging onto the boat are Britney, Ian and Danelle. Ian and Britney try to make deals with Danielle who is looking solid n the plank. Meanwhile, Frank and Boogie are in the house talking about the information Dan gave to Boogie earlier regarding Frank leaving the house. They are both annoyed at the news and hope Ian can hang on. Before Frank and Boogie get to walk outside and watch the rest of the competition, it’s over and Danielle is the winner. The minute she wins the competition and is laying on the ground below the ship, Shane jumps onto her and gives her a big kiss, she is all smiles. Upon learning the news that she won, Boogie expects to be put on the block this week.

Dan asks Boogie if he told Frank the information he told him and Boogie says yes. Elsewhere, Shane and Danielle are talking about nominations, she is miffed that Janelle never cheered for her once and says that she gets a bad vibe from her. Britney finds out that Frank now knows about the plan to backdoor him, she soon finds that it was Dan that let the information slip. Britney immediately tells Shane that the Frank plan was outed and now he has to lay how, he says he will. Britney then reports back to Boogie and Frank, she still maintains that she knew nothing of the plan to get rid of Frank. Later, Britney asks Dan why he let such an important piece of information slip out, he says he is sorry and admits his mistake. Danielle knows that this issue with Dan has complicated things but is happy she has HOH for the week and is safe.

Danielle enters the living room and asks who wants to see her HOH room; the group follows her upstairs. Danielle reads a letter from her Mom. Later, in the HOH room, Danielle is talking to Britney and Dan about the nominations, Dan manages to sway her away from nominating coaches for the moment and concentrate on the biggest threats in the house. Frank is a name that keeps popping up in the conversation and Danielle is also thinking about nominating Wil. She later runs into Wil in the storage room who reminds her that she made a deal with him not to put him up before he fell off the side of the ship in the HOH competition. Danielle is conflicted now, she doesn’t want to go back on her WORD but was planning to put Wil up as a pawn.

The next morning Boogie and Frank are in the yard talking about everything that happened the day before. Boogie is angry and has no interest in talking to anyone after what they were planning to do to him and Frank before the twist was revealed. He also feels that he will definitely be nominated this week. Meanwhile Danielle is still struggling with nominations, she doesn’t want to go back on her word and put Wil up, she definitely wants to put Frank up but is now thinking Boogie would be another great person to put up. Dan still wants to keep all the former coaches in the game because he feels that makes him less of a target.

After Danielle is finished thinking about her nominations, she calls the rest of the houseguests into the kitchen for the nomination ceremony. After all the keys have been pulled, Frank and Wil have been nominated for eviction this week. Boogie is shocked that he was not put on the block. Wil can’t believe that Danielle went back on her word, and Frank plans to fight to stay another week. Tune in on Wednesday at 8/7c to see the next episode of BIG BROTHER