Season 14: Episode 12 - Episode 12
Posted on Aug 9, 2012 12:00am

After the nomination ceremony Wil remarks that Danielle has gone against her word, Danielle says that Frank was really her target in making these nominations and Frank is hoping to win the power of veto this week. Danielle takes Wil to the HOH room and starts crying and telling him that she is very sorry and that he is just being put up as a pawn against her real target, Frank. Wil starts to cry too, telling Danielle that he feels as though no one in the house likes him, she tries to console him. While Boogie and Frank are sitting alone in the nomination chairs and discussing the game, Janelle goes in the HOH room and asks Dan if Boogie has talked to him. Dan tells her that Boogie won't even look at him and Janelle responds by saying how stupid Boogie is for talking game in the chairs downstairs in front of the entire rest of the house. Dan wants all the former coaches to work together in the game against the new players and he tells Janelle that he is going to talk to Boogie and try to patch things up. Boogie is pulled into the conference room by Dan. Boogie tells Dan that he is perturbed, he thinks this is a backdoor attempt to get him out and he is still miffed about not being told of the Frank vote last week. Dan tries to patch things up without much luck, he asks Boogie to dump the alliance he has with Frank but Boogie refuses citing the fact that Frank has been the only person to be loyal to him in the game.

Ian heads up to the HOH room to talk to Danielle and Britney, he has been feeling alone in the house and wants to see what kinds of alliances might be open to him. When asked Ian says that he would vote Boogie out if need be, by the end of the conversation Britney feels that Ian is ready to jump ship, but not sure he can be trusted. Dan then enters the HOH room and joins the conversation, he asks if Ian is truly ready to sever ties with Boogie, Ian says he is but would like to get Frank into the alliance too. Later, Danielle enters the living room and tells everyone it is time to pick the players for the veto competition. Danielle will play along with Wil, Frank, Shane, Jenn, Ian and Dan will be the host. Boogie is not happy about the picks, he wanted a chance to play in the competition this week. Later that day, Frank starts talking to Janelle, and word of this spreads to the HOH room via Britney who notices them whispering in a separate room. Dan, Danielle and Britney are all talking about the conversation they are having downstairs, Dan thinks Britney is paranoid about Janelle but Danielle says her blood is boiling over it.

The players enter the Big Brother stadium to play the veto competition called, 'Field of Veto.' Players must roll a ball into a baseball diamond target. The player with the lowest score each round will be eliminated, but will then have a chance to collect a hidden prize in a box of popcorn. The Golden Power of Veto is also in one of the boxes of popcorn. Players will have the option to keep their prize or choose to trade with another player who was eliminated before them. The last player standing will have the choice of any prize in, including the Golden Power of Veto. After playing 4 rounds, Shane, Wil, Jenn and Ian have all been eliminated. The prizes all of them have won changed hands and Wil has the Veto, Jenn has a Maui vacation, Shane gets a ticket to play the next veto competition and Ian has to be a dog for a day. Frank is the last runner up and he trades with Wil for the Veto only to have Danielle trade with him right afterwards. Danielle now has the Golden Power of Veto, and Frank is left with the honor of having to wear a Big Brother Spiritard for a week and spread Big Brother Spirit throughout the house.

In the game room, Frank is talking to Boogie and can't believe he was beat by Danielle in the competition. Boogie mentions he would like to talk to Dan about putting up Janelle and getting her out of the house. He feels that Janelle is a troublemaker and he would like her to go home early this time. Later, Frank enters the house wearing his spiritard and accosting members of the house, then Ian enters dressed as a dog and being shown to his doghouse in the backyard by a leash. In the HOH room Ian commits to form an alliance with Dan, Danielle, Shane and Britney they are now Team Quackpack. Later that day, Boogie visits Danielle in the HOH room and talks to her about using the veto and nominating Janelle to go on the block, he will then form an alliance with her to keep her safe the following week. Danielle likes what she is hearing from Boogie and agrees that nominating Janelle makes sense and a powerful alliance like the one he is suggesting is a good idea. Dan then enters the HOH room and Boogie knows he has to sell Dan on the same idea of putting Janelle on the block. As they are talking Janelle and Britney come into the room leaving all four former coaches to talk. Janelle tries to get Boogie on board to work with them and Boogie refuses to turn his back on Frank. He tells Janelle if she wants to prove her trustworthiness to him, she should put Joe up on the block this week, she falls silent and as a result Dan silently make the assumption she is lying about being able to be trusted. Dan now believes that an alliance with Janelle will not work and he is on board to put Janelle on the block and send her home. Boogie and Dan are excited to join forces.

Danielle then enters the HOH room and talks to Dan who fills her in about the new plan with Janelle and the alliance with Boogie and Frank. Shane and Britney and Ian then join the room and Britney makes a diary room remark about rethinking her ability to work with Boogie in the game. After talking amongst themselves they decide to backdoor Janelle, they get Boogie up to the room to make sure they can trust him. Ian then leaves the room before Boogie and Frank join, a new alliance called The Silent Six is formed between Boogie, Frank, Dan, Danielle, Shane and Britney and they are planning to backdoor Janelle as their first order of business. Janelle then knocks on the locked HOH room door but everyone flees instead of answering. Later that afternoon Danielle calls everyone inside for the Veto meeting and after both Frank and Wil have plead their cases she uses her Golden Power of Veto on Wil and nominates Janelle in his place. Janelle was blindsided and remarks that she had no idea she was going to be put on the block. She has no plans of going down without a fight though.

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