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Season 14: Episode 13 - Episode 13
Posted on Aug 10, 2012 10:40am

Julie reminds the audience that this is the first eviction since the game was reset with the coaches entering the game as players. We rejoin the action in the house after the veto ceremony where Janelle is completely shocked that she was nominated to replace Wil on the block. In the diary room Britney says that although everyone is acting like they are shocked, none of them really are. Afterwards, Janelle goes to the HOH room to ask Danielle what happened and why she was put on the block. Danielle tells Janelle that she heard from many people that Janelle was coming after her so she had to put her on the block. Janelle thinks that Boogie or Dan must have said something to her but Danielle says that no one has influenced her. Janelle tells Danielle that she thinks she made a mistake putting her up on the block. Dan enters the room when Janelle leaves and he finds out that she had the conversation with Janelle and that Janelle is blaming him and Boogie. Later that day, Dan pulls Janelle into the storage room and tells Janelle that it came as a surprise to him and it might have something to do with some kind of a 'girl instinct thing' that he can't rationalize. Dan keeps up the ruse by saying that he feels like the former coaches are in trouble if she goes home and Janelle believes that she has Ashley and Britney on her side for votes. Janelle then talks to Wil and Joe in the game room and is looking to see if she has their votes, Wil says that she has the votes of Ashley, Joe and himself but Janelle thinks someone could be lying. Janelle then heads to the yard to talk to Jenn and try to get her vote, Jenn is trying to figure out who is the bigger threat to her, Janelle makes then point the Frank is a beast in terms of physical threats. Finally, Janelle talks to Britney in the game room, she lies and says that she is voting to keep her in but then feels horrible after what she did after. Feeling upset about the entire thing, Britney goes to the HOH room to talk to Shane, Danielle and Dan and ask why they are voting her out to begin with and make sure they are definitely voting her out. Britney is crying and doesn't think she can keep up the charade much longer if they are going to vote Frank out in the end.

Julie talks to the houseguests who have gathered in the living room and asks them a few questions about the last week in the house. She compliments Frank in his spiritard and he responds by doing a cheer for her. Boogie is feeling better about the reset in the game since last week, he thinks things are going to go his way tonight. When it comes to competing with her former coaches, Jenn says she is just living on a prayer in the house. Julie has a very special video to show Ian and all of the houseguests. Flashback to Ian living the life of a dog for one day, Ashley is leading him around the house with a leash and is planning on giving him some food. Dan chimes in a suggests that she make Ian do a trick before he can get food, at the end of the day Ashley brings Ian to the dog house and says goodnight. The last thing Julie asks the houseguests is directed at Ian who has been on slop for three week and recently had the experience of living as a dog for a day, he says he is still loving the experience of being in the house. We then see a montage of Ian and Ashley around the house, some cute exchanges the two have shared. Back in Pittsburgh, Ian's family is watching the show and the hijinks Ian has been at the center of. His intellect is showcased and his parents talk about how he was smart from an early age and a long time fan of Big Brother. Ian's mom knows that he wants a good-looking girlfriend with brains. Elsewhere in Pittsburgh, Ashley's family is watching the show as well and her mom wants people to know that Ashley is not as ditsy as people think and is more of a modern day hippie. Ashley's mom thinks that the slop date was cute and that Ian would treat her really well if the two were going out, she thinks they should form their own secret alliance.

The time has come for the houseguests to vote on who will be evicted from the house this week. Julie asks Frank and Janelle to make their final pleas; Frank goes first. He tells the house that he has spent twenty of the last thirty-four days on the block but has always played as a gentleman and kept things classy so he should stay. Janelle says that she would like people to vote for her if she can help their game in any way. After the votes are in, Janelle is voted out in a landslide of eight votes against her to one vote to keep her. The only person voting to keep her in the end was her former player, Joe. After informing the houseguests, Janelle says her goodbyes and joins Julie in the studio. Janelle says she was surprised at the nomination but not the eviction but that she wanted the reset in the game because she really wanted to play the game again. She also remarks that she still wants Frank out of the house because his game is too good and thinks that Boogie has too big a target on his back to win this season, she is rooting for Dan to go all the way. After watching the goodbye messages taped for her she has a strong reaction to Boogie's message to her and calls him a loser, she really hopes that he loses now.

We rejoin the houseguests in the backyard, as they get ready to play the next HOH competition called 'Big Brother Battle of the Bands.' Players will face off two at a time at the podium. They will hear a song about a past challenge and they have to be the first to ring in with a correct answer for what kind of a challenge it was (HOH, Coaches Competition or Veto) in order to win the round. If they win, they pick the next two players to face off. If they don't answer quickly enough or choose the wrong answer they are eliminated. The last person left standing wins. After a close competition, the winner is Frank who will enter the HOH room for the second time during his stay in the Big Brother house.

Julie talks to Frank and asks him how he feels now that he was won HOH again. He says it is exhilarating and nice to know that he doesn't have to pack his bags, at least for the next week. He thinks it might have been good luck from the spiritard.

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