Big Brother
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Season 14: Episode 14 - Episode 14
Posted on Aug 13, 2012 09:55am

After making it through another week on the block, Frank says he feels like Superman when Janelle gets voted out instead of him this time. Meanwhile, Joe is feeling like he is on an island by himself after being the only person to vote to get Frank out of the house. Frank and Boogie enter the HOH room dancing and waving pom poms around in celebration. Britney is crying downstairs and feels terrible about backdooring Janelle. Things are starting to get to Joe when he remarks that it is tough as nails in the Big Brother house, he lays down in an attempt to settle his nerves and compose himself so he doesn’t do anything he will regret in front of the other house guests. Danielle and Britney are in the have-nots room talking, Britney is still in tears and Danielle tries to comfort her by saying that she is closer to the money with Janelle gone. Britney replies by saying that she thinks Frank is going to win and if he gets to the final three it is all over for them. Frank and Boogie are starting to think about who Frank should nominate for eviction this week, they want to get Joe out and Frank mentions putting Dan up on the block as a pawn. Boogie likes the idea but knows that Dan will not be happy, they decide to bring it up in front of the entire Silent Six and see if anyone volunteers to be a pawn.

Frank bursts into the room and asks the houseguests if they would like to see his HOH room. They all make the trip upstairs, even Joe who says that he just got out of his room in a deep depression and now has to endure this. Frank has received a letter from his Nana that he reads aloud, he learns that she is proud of him and reminds him to mind his manners. That night, Wil and Ashley are in the backyard talking about why they voted Janelle out and how they don’t have anyone playing with them, they are on their own. Joe joins their conversation and tries to find out why they didn’t tell him that everyone was going to vote out Janelle, he feels that he has been made to look like a fool. Back in the kitchen, Shane, Ian, Frank and Wil are talking and Frank volunteers that he had a lucid dream about JoJo the other night, Wil decides to leave the room. Shane, Ian and Frank continue to talk about their attractive former houseguests, JoJo and Kara. The following day, Shane and Danielle are lounging in the backyard and she is asking him about his feelings for her. He avoids the conversation saying that he is phobic of commitments but she reminds him that she never asked for one. In the diary room Danielle says that if Shane keeps this up, he is in danger of losing her. In the HOH room, Boogie, Frank and Dan are talking about nominations, they want to go for Joe but they also think that there should be a pawn from the alliance of six up on the block in order to disguise their alliance. Boogie and Frank ask Dan how he would feel about going on the block, he doesn’t want to be up there and is worried the alliance might turn on him.

Wil is with Ashley in the bedroom and finds her unable to get out of bed because of back pain she has been having. She says that she woke up and her back was in spasms, Dan and Boogie help her to the bathroom while Danielle watches. Later that day Frank comes into the room and tells everyone it is time to begin the first have-nots competition of the summer. He offers Ashley an option, because of her back problems she can either opt to play or have Frank play in her place and accept whatever he can win for her, she chooses to have Frank play. In addition to Frank, Boogie, Dan, Ian and Wil make up the lime team while the lemon team is Joe, Danielle, Shane, Britney and Jenn. The game is called ‘Ex-Squeeze Me’ and each team has three juice carriers who must race to a citrus oasis, jump in a fountain and soak up as much juice as possible. Then they head to their team station and a ‘farmer’ will help squeeze out the juice. The job is to fill up their jugs labeled with each of the opposing team members names, the first team to fill the jugs with four opposing team member names on them wins and the names on the full jugs will be have-nots for the week. After heated competition, the lime team wins and Britney, Shane, Danielle and Joe are the have-nots for the week with some special additions to their menu courtesy of America: candy canes and cod. Joe goes to the HOH room later that day to talk to Frank and try to out the idea in his head that Frank has bigger fish to fry this week and should aim to get out a player that poses a bigger threat. Frank takes what he says under consideration and Joe leaves the room.

Wil heads to the HOH room to talk to Frank and Boogie about the nominations. He tells them that if they want to put him up, there will be no hard feelings and adds that he knows there are a large number of people working together in an alliance as he smirks towards Boogie and Frank. After he leaves the room Boogie tells Frank that he doesn’t like Wil’s attitude in regards to the cockiness he came into the room with and mentioned the alliance in front of them. The two consider putting Wil up on the block but worry that he might come after them the following week if he isn’t voted out. Frank then brings up putting Dan on the block, he is still annoyed that Dan kept it a secret that Frank was likely going to be voted out a few weeks back. Boogie strongly advises against that as they have just started their alliance, putting him up this early would rock the boat. In the diary room Frank remarks that he has to do what is best for him with regard to Dan.

After Frank contemplates the nominations in front of the memory wall he calls everyone into the house for the nomination ceremony. In the end, Frank has nominated Wil and Joe. He tells Joe that it was because he voted against Frank in the past eviction and he tells Wil it is because of a fib he told Frank a few weeks back. Dan is surprised he was not nominated after all that talk of using him as a pawn, Wil is feeling vengeful and Joe says that he is not done cooking yet.

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