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Season 10: Episode 1 - Welcome Back to the Big Brother House!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

Big Brother 10 begins with a revved up cast and a turbo-driven surprise!

Ten is a special number; it's solid and definitive, plus when you get to the tenth in a series of things you know it is going to be memorable. That's especially true of BIG BROTHER 10, which returns this summer with a new cast of HouseGuests all vying for the $500,000 prize. Host Julie Chen explains that for the first time in seven seasons, all the players are total strangers. This time around, all 13 Houseguests are competing on their own.

The baker's dozen is assembled by the front door for what they expect will be the traditional BIG BROTHER house move-in. Well, as all seasoned BIG BROTHER watchers know, expect the unexpected. Julie explains that for the first time ever they are choosing the first Head of Household of the season before anyone moves into the house! "All you have to go on is your fellow HouseGuests' appearance and gut instinct," Julie explains.

Without talking, the HouseGuests vote for the HouseGuest they'd like to see as HoH, with the condition that they cannot vote for themselves. The votes are cast, but who is HoH remains a mystery for now.

Welcome to your new home!
With the voting done, it's back to the classic BIG BROTHER house move-in. New Orleans socialite Renny, Michigan Catholic school teacher Dan, recent divorcee Angie, Iowa natural bodybuilder Jessie and Arizona financial manager April go first.

The next group to enter includes Texas married mom Libra, San Francisco telecom salesman Brian, California waitress Keesha and L.A. "mixologist" Memphis. Brian notes that when everyone enters the house, the vibe is decidedly friendly, which he thinks has a lot to do with the fact that no one knows who the first HoH is.

75-year old great-grandfather Jerry, preacher's son Ollie, Texas gay rodeo champ Steven and Rhode Island realtor Michelle round out the move-in. At a very fit 75, Jerry is a standout, and upon entering the house marvels at all the pretty faces. The flamboyant Renny saunters through the house in her retro sunglasses yelling peace at everyone, which gives April second thoughts about her HoH vote for Renny; did she put a crazy person in charge?

It's all champagne and strawberries now, but wait.
Everyone gathers for a champagne toast in the living room. Libra gets laughs when she reveals her infant twins are a bit of a surprise to people, since her daughter is light skinned and her son is dark skinned. To show Keesha what her children might look like as adults, the fair April and dark Ollie pose for a faux family photo!

Steven introduces himself as "single" and makes no mention of being gay or winning a rodeo title. He decides to be "very cautious" about what he reveals. Memphis explains that a mixologist is not a bartender, but more a "chef for alcoholics."

April makes a definite impression on Ollie, who swears he notices her pretty eyes first. Ample in the boobage department, April invites everyone to confirm her breasts are real. Things get boisterous when Jerry is asked to feel for himself!

Ready for the open road?
Host Julie Chen breaks up the party to announce another surprise for their first night in the house-a luxury competition! But with a two-team game that means one HouseGuest must sit out. Jessie quickly volunteers, since he wants to lay low.

Divided into the red and white teams, the HouseGuests go outside to the back yard to find two VW Bugs suspended off the ground, plus two classic American cars displayed in front of them. When Julie reveals one of the classic cars will be up for grabs, Jessie looks like he's about to cry. Memphis has no sympathy and calls Jessie's choice to sit out "one of the most boneheaded things in Big Brother history."

Julie explains they must work to get everyone in their respective teams up into their Bug and then pull themselves along a pulley to the other end of their "road." Each time a team reaches one end of the road someone has to jump out and grab a can of gas. They must then go to the other side of the road to deposit the gas, but when the HouseGuests exit, they are out of competition for the prize. The first Bug to reach the finish line with a single HouseGuest wins. But wait, there's more. The losing team gets the ultimate food restriction and put on BIG BROTHER slop! Jessie's consolation is he eats food no matter what.

From the start of the competition the red team dominates, lapping the hapless white team almost immediately. Dan voluntarily drops midway through the game, since he has no desire to win the car and put a target on his back.

All that's left of the red team is Steven and Memphis, but after stalemating over rock paper scissors, Steven opts to jump out and hands the keys to Memphis. But did Memphis just win small to lose big?

It Is DEFINITELY an honor to be chosen
Julie gathers the HouseGuests in the living room to finally reveal the identity of the first Head of Household!

With three votes, Renny comes in second place in the race for HoH. As various HouseGuests wait on their edge of their seats, Julie reveals that with four votes the first Head of Household of Big Brother 10 is Jerry! There are cheers all around, with just a little disappointment from Renny. Julie breaks the celebratory mood when she reminds Jerry that in less than 24 hours, he must nominate two HouseGuests for eviction. Jerry is excited to be the top dog in the house, since he thinks HoH will allow him to personally select a house ally. This honor should give him "the pick of the litter of who I go all the way with."

Later that night in the kitchen, Dan sets the stage for the house's first alliance by establishing a budding partnership with Brian, who Dan calls the "one player I could trust." Dan and Brian team up and then agree they need to bring a third person into their mix. Both men have the same person in mind-Ollie!

It is a total bro-fest as Ollie goes all in on the alliance, telling Dan, "You have my word. It's the only thing I have in this game."

Who needs to lighten up?
After a long day, Jessie decides it's time for bed in the punk room. Renny makes her way into the hippie bedroom, where she plays a practical joke and wakes everyone up with her loud voice and laugh. The noise carries over to the other bedroom, which wakes up Jessie. "There is no off switch for her," Jessie fumes, calling Renny's voice a "jackal laugh."

The first official conflict of the season begins when Jessie confronts Renny in the bathroom over the noise. Renny is somewhat apologetic but tells Jessie he has to lighten up. "I would be embarrassed if that was my son," Renny says later. "He's such a baby." This conflict does not go unnoticed by allies Dan and Brian.

If you're not yet playing the game you're probably already losing
While most of the HouseGuests sun themselves outside, Brian and Dan connive in the storage room. "I'm not going to sit around and wait to see what happens," Brian says, noting he is going to talk to Jerry about nominations, specifically the conflict-laden Jessie and Renny.

Brian makes his way up to the HoH Suite where he and Jerry bond over their shared military experience. Jerry reveals he has been watching Brian and wants to enter an alliance with him. Brian says he is "absolutely committed," but sings a different tune later. "I'll keep Jerry around but when his ship starts to sink the rats are the first to bail," he admits.

Jerry suggests nominating car winner Memphis but then shocks Brian with the idea of targeting Dan. Brian subtly puts the kibosh on that move by suggesting Jessie and Renny.

The game is officially on!
As the HouseGuests wait for Jerry's nominations, Renny notes everyone is getting a "first-hand experience" of her personality (she's wearing retro cat's eye sunglasses when saying this). Jessie is quite humble when he says, "Hopefully my physique doesn't handicap me. Obviously it's a pretty big target." Brian is waiting to see what Jerry is going to do; will he put Jessie up and keep Dan off the block?

Everyone gathers in the dining room for the first nomination ceremony. Jerry brings out the key box and begins revealing who is safe from eviction for the week. Brian is relieved when his key is pulled early, but gets nervous for Dan, who sits keyless the longer the ceremony goes on. The final key is pulled, and Dan is safe! Jerry nominates Renny and Jessie.

Jerry decides their conflict should be addressed immediately. "Rather than let it fester," Jessie is furious. "I wouldn't even be in if it wasn't for Renny," Jessie fumes. "That little weasel," Renny says. "He's going to need all his muscles." Jerry thinks he's walked away clean from nominations, while Brian sees the nominations as proof "he is pulling the strings in the house."

Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save Jessie or Renny? Find out on BIG BROTHER on Tuesday at 9pm et/t on CBS!