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Season 9: Episode 28 - Natalie is Unaware She is Sheila's Target The Power of Veto Changes up the Nominations
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

Head of Household Sheila has nominated Adam and Sharon for eviction, but her real target this week is Natalie. She explains her worst-case scenario is Natalie winning the Power of Veto, since Sheila wants to "backdoor her." Sharon is not too worried about being on the block, since she feels Natalie will be the one going home this week. Even better, Natalie "has no idea the house is against her."

Natalie feels she is in a good position because she is "playing both sides." She has her "Team Christ" alliance with Ryan and Adam, and her "Girl Power" alliance with Sheila and Sharon. In a post-nomination conversation, Natalie tells Adam the worst thing that can happen is Sharon winning the Power of Veto because "then I have to convince [Sheila] not to put me up so I can vote for you."

Adam admits he is "totally not happy" with being put on the nomination block since he and his game allies, Sheila and Ryan, "always run the risk of Natalie winning the veto."
 Sheila Looks Out for the Baller Sharon goes up to the HoH Suite where Sheila and Natalie are hanging out. Sheila says it is a "girl party." Sharon notes that Adam is freaking out about his nomination. Natalie is frustrated, since Adam has to expect to be nominated with so few people in the house. Sheila says she had to put Adam up over Ryan because Ryan took her off the block when he had the Power of Veto. Sheila then calls Adam an "idiot" and a "freaking crybaby."

Sheila makes a point of bashing Adam in front of the other girls, since she wants them to think "I really can't stand him." Sheila wants Adam to stay in the house because she wants to go to the end with him.
 A Cranky Adam Down in the kitchen, Sheila tells Adam not to worry and promises it will all be okay. Natalie also reassures Adam that they have his back. As Adam sulks, Ryan joins in and points out that last week Adam put them all in jeopardy when he insisted on keeping James off the block. Adam and Sheila get into a round of bickering when Ryan interjects with "You're not a target, dude!" Ryan says Adam shouldn't blame Sheila. Adam shoots back that he is not blaming her but that he is "a little upset" and has a "right to be."
 Natalie is on the Outs! As Natalie takes a morning nap out in the hammock, Sheila is in the kitchen whipping up more Natalie dissent by describing how dismissive and insincere she is. Adam notes that God will punish false witnesses, and "that's what is out in the back yard." Sheila warns them that Natalie is coming after Ryan and Adam. Ryan states that Natalie is officially out of their group, while Adam adds that she is a Judas.

A few hours later, Ryan and Adam play chess in the living room. They don't notice that the living room monitor says the Power of Veto competition is being held tonight! Adam finally sees the monitor, and fills in the other HouseGuests on the big news.

Sheila notes this is one of the biggest PoV's ever. "Natalie cannot win this," she says. "This is my only chance to get Natalie out of this house." In the kitchen, Sheila tells Sharon she will campaign for her daily. "You got my freakin' word girl," Sheila says. Natalie tells the boys it is up to "us three" to win the PoV. Natalie says she had a premonition it was going to happen tonight. As Adam and Ryan smile at each other, it is clear Natalie's alliance is not as solid as she thinks it is.
 Switching Channels Sheila gathers everyone together for the Veto competition. One by one the HouseGuests come outside to find the back yard transformed into an old-fashioned TV room, which Natalie calls a "love shack." Natalie is up first and reads the directions. This competition will take channel surfing to a whole new level. The big TV is actually made of nine different screens, which each have a remote that controls them. When all nine screens are on the correct channels, a picture will be revealed. But they all have to be careful to not waste time on the wrong puzzle, which does not have nine complete pieces.

Natalie starts, and thinks the puzzle is a composite of all the HouseGuests' faces attached to Evel Dick's body. But when Natalie can't find a puzzle piece that includes Adam's head, she realizes this is the decoy puzzle. She then switches to a puzzle that includes Guinea Pigs who sport hairstyles of all the HouseGuests. "Duh, wake up and smell the coffee beans," she says. "It's the guinea pigs, go for the guinea pigs!" Natalie finishes the puzzle and rings her bell.

Adam is up next. "I felt that it was a race against Natalie," he says. "That girl is a puzzle fanatic." Adam decides the first thing he needs to do is line up his remotes so he can stay organized. "You gotta have a proper workspace, man," he says.

All of the HouseGuests lose time stumbling through the decoy puzzle, but none more than Sheila. After everyone has completed the puzzle, the HouseGuests come outside together. Sharon is nervous that Natalie is acting so happy and confident. Ryan's score is revealed first. He finished the puzzle in just over six minutes. Sheila scores a 15:30. Adam's score is a 3:20, which puts him in the lead. Natalie is next, and the self-proclaimed puzzle master scored a 12:09, putting her out of contention for the win! Sharon scored a 4:56, which makes Adam the winner of the Veto.

"Big Baller is off the block, baby," Adam yells as he hugs Sheila. Natalie admits she is happy since Adam prevented Sharon from winning the veto. "It's a blessing, thank God," she says.
 The Ax Begins to Fall on Natalie... Up in the HoH Suite, Sheila and Sharon watch Natalie, Adam and Ryan strategize in the kitchen. Sheila notes that Natalie has got to go this week. Meanwhile, downstairs, Natalie tells the boys that Sheila is a bitch and she wouldn't be surprised if she were conniving against her. Natalie says the three of them need to get Sheila out next week. Ryan tells Natalie not to stress as he heads upstairs to supposedly "break up" Sheila and Sharon's conversation. But when he gets upstairs he fills them in on Natalie's plans. Sheila again implores Ryan to vote out Natalie. Ryan says it is a done deal.

In the HoH Suite bathroom, Sheila assures Natalie she is fine this week, despite the fact she is going up on the block. "You're safe," Sheila says. Sheila admits she doesn't feel good about lying right to Natalie's face, but she rationalizes it by noting Natalie lies to her. "You're good," Sheila tells Natalie. "Don't get crazy."
 Sheila's Big Day The boys get a cake and streamers from the Storage Room to set up a surprise birthday party for Sheila. This week's HoH is turning 46, and the house is planning to catch her off guard. Sheila comes outside for an afternoon of sunning herself when they all surprise her. Sheila blows out her candles and opens up her birthday present-a letter from her mom. Sheila cries as she admits she has an on-off relationship with her mother. In her letter, Sheila's mom reveals she is a big fan of BIG BROTHER, something Sheila did not know. Once she gets home, Sheila knows she will have a better relationship with her mother.
 So Who Goes Home? After talking to Adam, Ryan wonders who should go home this week, since keeping Natalie may have some benefits to his game. Sheila warns the boys they should not make it a tie, because she does not want to be the one to send Natalie packing. Ryan tells Adam that it doesn't matter what Sheila thinks. They are the ones voting this week. They are the players in power.
 The Veto Nomination Adam calls the HouseGuests in and makes the obvious move; he takes himself off the block, forcing Sheila to replace him. After telling the HouseGuests this is a hard situation, she nominates Natalie for eviction. Sheila notes that Natalie feels safe, but she shouldn't. Natalie is convinced her alliance is going to remain faithful, while Ryan notes this is a great week for him and Adam. "We control the game from here on out," he says.

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