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Season 9: Episode 29 - Another HouseGuest is Evicted! The HouseGuests Ponder a House Relationship Mystery
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Now that Natalie is Sheila's replacement nominee, Sharon thinks being on the block is "probably going to be the best time ever" since everyone wants Natalie out of the house. Natalie is oblivious that the house is turning against her and thinks she is nothing more than the pawn this week. Sheila believes it will be a shocker when Natalie hears she has been evicted.

Ryan believes Natalie "has been playing all sides" and warns, "You just don't know what to believe." Ryan and Adam decide they should hold a house meeting and get Natalie to come clean on where exactly she stands in terms of alliances-is she with Adam and Ryan in Team Christ, or has she switched over to Girl Power with Sheila and Sharon?

Ryan and Adam casually tell Natalie they want to have a meeting, which does not go over well. Natalie informs Sheila, who is displeased. "This is freaking me out," Sheila says of the boys' house meeting. "What are they doing?"
 Adam and Ryan Call a House Meeting With a Bible in hand, Adam and Ryan come into the living room and demand a house meeting. Natalie is having none of it and bows out because she is dying her hair. Adam and Ryan decide to move the meeting into the bathroom, forcing Natalie to participate. Sheila and Sharon are both annoyed by Adam and Ryan's antics.

Ryan tells Natalie this will be good for her because she "can defend" herself. Ryan then calls Natalie out on two-timing them. "You told me and Adam you want Sheila gone," Ryan says. Sheila is shocked at the accusation. Ryan then asks Natalie if she is "playing every angle in the house."

Finally forced to state her position, Natalie reveals she is totally committed to Adam and Ryan. When Adam suggests Natalie would vote against him, Natalie gets angry and lashes out. The meeting finally ends, leaving Sheila one unhappy HoH. "I can't believe these freakin' clowns did this," she says.

After the meeting, Adam feels badly, but Ryan tells him Natalie was playing both sides of the house, and that now it's clear she has to play with them or she is going to the Jury house. Adam and Ryan go back to the main bathroom to talk to Natalie. She is hurt they are so suspicious and cries as she tells them she always had their backs and that the only lying she did was to Sharon and Sheila. "You know where my loyalty stands," she says. "I was faithful to you guys." Natalie apologizes, and Team Christ enjoys a group hug.

Things don't go as smoothly when Adam and Ryan go upstairs to the HoH Suite to talk to Sheila. When they suggest they may vote to keep Natalie in the game, Sheila goes ballistic. When Ryan says Natalie is going to protect them, Sheila snaps that it seems Ryan and Adam have already made their minds up. Adam refers to Sheila as a "bitch" as he tells her to stop yelling. This pretty much kills the conversation when Sheila tosses them out of the HoH Suite. "It's out of my hands," Sheila fumes.
 A Conversation with the HouseGuests Host Julie Chen goes to the HouseGuests assembled in the Living Room, and asks Sheila and Sharon why they didn't say anything during the house meeting. Sharon says it wasn't her battle. Sheila admits she was "pretty upset" by the conversation because Natalie said she would throw Sheila under the bus. Ryan says he and Adam accomplished what they wanted from the meeting.

Julie then asks them all if they make the final two, do they want someone sitting next to them who is deserving or easy to beat? Adam says deserving, since he thinks he can beat everyone. The rest of the group agrees it should be someone deserving.
 The Jury Stews Life in the Jury House has been relatively quiet. Predictably, Chelsia misses James. Joshuah says he wakes up every morning realizing Natalie got him out of the house, which is a living nightmare. Matt notes he's going a "little stir crazy" since he feels sort of alienated. "I kind of keep to myself," he says.

As the Jury members wait for the latest evictee, Chelsia says she doesn't want to see James walk through the door. Joshuah has a feeling it is Sharon. When James walks through the door, Joshuah blurts out "Oh no!" Matt is the happiest. "James got me out of the house," he says. "Payback is a bitch."

James then shows them the DVD of some of the highlights from his eviction week. Chelsia cannot believe Adam kept James off the block. But as the Veto Competition starts James says, "Watch the utter demise of James right here." Matt loves that James got back doored just like he did.
 I'm Not Blaming You, But... James notes that both Matt and Joshuah left the house on a good note, but by "blowing everyone out," Chelsia got James stuck in her "residue." Shocked by his accusation, Chelsia leaves the room in tears. James follows Chelsia into the bedroom, where she continues to cry. He asks her if she's all right, and she says, "It sucks." James consoles her and notes that he was a homeless broke kid when he went into the house, but he ended up leaving with a girl he fell for. As they make up, James notes their connection "is far larger than the BIG BROTHER game."
 Time to Vote So who will be leaving tonight? Julie asks the nominees to plead their case. Sharon is up first. She thanks them for keeping her here and says she accepts that it may be her time to go. Natalie tells "her boys" she knows she made some mistakes, but begs them not to vote her out. Ryan heads to the Diary Room. He votes to evict Natalie. Adam casts the final vote-he votes to evict Sharon, making the vote a tie!

Julie reveals there has been a tie, and announces HoH Sheila has to break it. Sheila stands and faces the nominees. "Natalie, you told all of America where your loyalty lies," Sheila says. "You said you would evict me. I cannot risk this in my game now. I'm sorry Natalie, but I'm evicting you."

Tears run down Natalie's face as she makes her way out of the house. As she walks out to meet Julie, Natalie says she doesn't like the feeling of this. As the HouseGuests mill about in the eviction aftermath, Sheila tells the boys she didn't want to be put in that position, but says it is fine. Sheila explains says she could not risk keeping Natalie.

Natalie tells Julie she is "kind of shocked right now" since Adam and Ryan both said they would vote for her. Julie notes that once James got evicted, Natalie started playing both sides of the house, and Natalie says she did this to "protect the boys."

In Natalie's farewell messages, Sharon notes, "Many times people had heard different things from you." Ryan says he is sorry it ended like this. Adam tells her he loves her and the eviction was "strictly game play." Sheila cries as she tells her she had to put someone on the block, and that Natalie has an "amazing heart."
 Fact or Fiction? As the HouseGuests make their way outside, Julie announces tonight's Head of Household Competition is called Fact or Fiction. Julie will read statements about BIG BROTHER HouseGuests or the BIG BROTHER House. They will then have to decide if the statement is fact or fiction. The player with the most points after seven statements is the new HoH. First question: Fact or fiction? When America voted on which evicted HouseGuest would be in the mystery box and get the chance to return to the house, Allison received the fewest votes. The correct answer is fiction-Jacob received the fewest votes. Ryan and Sharon get it right.

Next question: the toy in the guinea pig habitat still holds a valuable BIG BROTHER secret. They all say fact, but the answer is fiction. Third question: Chelsia was escorted out of jury house by security. Sharon correctly guesses fiction. Fourth question: the number eight has a secret meaning in the BIG BROTHER game. Ryan and Sharon correctly guess fiction. All the players get the next two questions right. Final question: there is a preexisting relationship in the house. Ryan guesses correct (but no one knows it is the guinea pigs!).

It's a tiebreaker between Ryan and Sharon! How many total combined minutes did the HouseGuests stay in the glass boxes? The correct answer is 557, and Ryan, with a guess of 310, wins HoH!

Will the final four HouseGuests figure out the relationship is between the guinea pigs? And whom will the new Head of Household nominate for eviction? Watch BIG BROTHER Sunday at 8pm et/pt on CBS.