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Season 9: Episode 30 - The Eviction Vote Comes With Consequences for One The House Competes for a Star-Studded Luxury Prize
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

The fallout from Natalie's eviction is swift. Ryan explains that Adam and he realized Natalie "needed to go," and the idea of a split vote was to force current HoH Sheila to make the ultimate decision to send Natalie home over fellow eviction nominee Sharon. "This was to put blood on Sheila's hands," Ryan says.

But things don't work out the way Ryan plans. While the HouseGuests sit on the couch during the live show, Adam turns to Natalie and mouths the words "I voted for you." Ryan sees this and is immediately unhappy, since the plan was to send Natalie out of the house not knowing who among her "Team Christ" alliance betrayed her.

After Natalie leaves, Sheila notes she didn't want to make that decision to evict, but it worked okay, since Natalie admitted she was gunning for the 46-year-old single mom. Ryan quickly makes known his irritation with Adam. "You sat there and told her, dude," Ryan says to Adam in the kitchen moments after the eviction. "I read your lips." Adam tries to stammer his way through an explanation, but Ryan is not buying it. "I didn't mean to," Adam says.

Later in a diary room session, Adam cops to the move, which he made to protect himself in the game. He notes he will have to "lie and deceive" his way out of this one. But for Ryan, the damage has been done since Adam was "essentially throwing me under the bus." Ryan notes if Adam did reach out to Natalie, it means he will lose all trust in Baller, and there could be repercussions.
 Secret Sisters! There is also fallout from the Head of Household competition thanks to a question that reveals there is another preexisting relationship in the BIG BROTHER house. After Ryan wins HoH and everyone gathers for the usual post-competition recap, Adam asks what the remaining relationship is. Ryan wonders if it is Adam and Sheila, but Sheila says that is not true. Ryan then suggests Sharon and Sheila may be a mother/daughter pair! Everyone denies a preexisting relationship with each other, which leaves just one unlikely pair everyone has so far overlooked-the guinea pigs! The little critters are actually sisters!

Ryan then wonders if there is a relationship between them they don't know about. Could he and Sheila be long-lost relatives? "I keep telling you, you look like my cousin," Sheila says to Ryan. "I do kinda look like your sister and mom."

That night, Ryan jokingly calls Sheila "auntie." Ryan and Adam tease Sheila. With a smile on his face, Adam says "there is something fishy." Sheila is annoyed. "So now you guys are going to come after me?" she asks.

Later while playing pool, the boys go over more possibilities. Adam notes Sheila and Sharon have the same eye color! Inside Sharon and Sheila have a conversation about the eviction vote. As Adam walks through the kitchen from outside, Sharon indicates he was the vote to keep Natalie and Ryan was the vote to boot her. "Unbelievable," Sheila says. Sharon notes that was a risky strategy for them, and wonders if Ryan still trusts Adam.

The boys keep up their genial ways outside as they play pool and then golf, but Ryan has his eye on Baller. "I don't have to please anyone," Ryan says. "I'm in the driver's seat; I can do whatever I want."
 Ryan's Romantic Lifeline As part of his HoH Suite reveal, Ryan gets a letter from his girlfriend and former HouseGuest, Jen. As the rest of the HouseGuests listen, Ryan reads out loud that Jen misses him terribly and has become addicted to the live Internet feed. She calls herself Ryan's "biggest fan" and says she is not complete without him. Everyone is moved, even Adam, who wipes away tears.

Despite Adam's needling, Sheila wants to make sure she has an ally in Adam. In a Pink Room conversation, Sheila corners Adam to find out if he has her back. Adam reminds her they were initially partnered together. "Until the end," he says. Sheila says she needs to know if he is going to save her, while Adam shoots back he wants to know if she will be there for him. Sheila says she has apologized to him for being mean and that she cares about him, and would go so far as to end her own game if it came down to it. Adam admits later that he doesn't know who to trust, "but my heart got me this far in the game."
 What Happens in Vegas... Ryan comes out of the Diary Room to announce there is a Luxury Competition! After the HouseGuests assemble, Ryan reveals they are competing for the chance at an in-house screening of the new feature film, What Happens in Vegas starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz, and also for a VIP experience that includes a shopping spree and tickets to the May 1 premiere of the film in Hollywood, plus a chance to meet the cast at an after party. Movie-lovers Sheila and Sharon go nuts at the prospect of the prize. When Ryan announces they must pair up male-female, Sharon grabs Ryan. Sheila and Adam can't believe they are stuck together.

After watching the trailer for the movie in the living room, the HouseGuests go outside to find one side of the yard has been decorated to resemble New York, while the other side represents Las Vegas, the two major settings for the film. Ryan explains the teams have to break the prop bottles over each other's heads. Inside each bottle is a ring, but only seven bottles have special dice rings. When a team finds a dice ring, they put it on one of the nine squares on the playing board. Once all nine squares are filled, Ryan will spin a wheel with nine corresponding boxes. If the box on the wheel matches one of the boxes chosen by one of the teams, that team wins the prize. But there is a catch-the losing team pays a consequence. They will be physically connected for twenty-four hours! This drives Sheila crazy, since she does not want to be linked to Adam for a full day.

To protect themselves, the HouseGuests wear goggles and helmets. The women's helmets feature blonde wigs while the guys have brunette dos. After getting one freebie ring on the board, the HouseGuests get to work breaking bottles over each other's heads. Sheila is enjoying this part of the competition as she cracks the prop bottles over Adam's noggin. But when they switch places, Adam is clearly having as much fun as Sheila did. Once all the fake glass is broken, Ryan and Sharon score six dice rings to Adam and Sheila's three. Ryan spins the wheel, and the law of averages works in his and Sharon's favor-they win the screening and VIP package!
 A Night with Ashton and Cameron That evening the backyard is transformed into a drive-in theatre, complete with classic cars, a decked out concession stand and posters from What Happens in Vegas. Sheila and Adam get just a taste of what they are missing before they are locked inside. Ryan and Sharon sit down for the film, which they both enjoy.

But soon after the film is over, Ryan and Sharon are back in the game. Up in the HoH Suite, Ryan tells Sheila she is going on the block. Sheila isn't surprised, but goes for broke and asks about Adam. She and Ryan commiserate about Adam's decision to tell Natalie he voted to keep her, since it made both of them look bad. Ryan tells Sheila not to worry since he thinks Adam and Sharon will be going after one another.

Sharon also makes a point of talking to Ryan in the hopes of keeping herself off the block. She tells Ryan she doesn't trust Adam. Ryan agrees. The pair has a secret alliance, and Sharon notes that as long as they stick together they can make it to the final two.
 Time for Nominations! Ryan calls everyone in for the Nomination Ceremony. Adam worries his Natalie move could bite him. Sharon trusts Ryan, but doesn't know what will happen. Sheila saved Ryan from the block previously, but feels like she's outside looking in. Ryan notes there are only three people left to nominated, which means he is pulling only one key out of the nomination box. Ryan pulls the single key, and reveals Adam is safe. "I don't think I need to stress the importance of PoV," Ryan says.

Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save Sharon or Sheila? And who will be the next person evicted from the BIG BROTHER House? Find out as the Final 3 is decided Tuesday at 9pm et/ct on BIG BROTHER!