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Season 9: Episode 31 - A HouseGuest is Eliminated and the Final Three is Determined! The Final Three are Up a Creek!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

After Ryan announces his nominations, Sheila takes off for the Blue Room, where she throws herself on one of the boat beds and cries. She calls Ryan's speech "lame." Sharon says being on the block "is definitely not the best," but feels it is not appropriate for the HouseGuests to know she has a secret deal with Ryan. Adam knows Ryan's nominations are just a prelude, since the real power comes from the upcoming Power of Veto competition.

Sharon comes in to console Sheila, who notes being nominated is "freaking painful." Sharon tells Sheila she is going to get her off the block, but Sheila tells her to save herself and "don't worry about me." Sharon has a scenario she wants to see come to fruition: her optimal final three is herself, Ryan and Sheila, since she does not trust Adam.
 The Boys Conspire Ryan tells Adam they have to get rid of Sheila, for which Adam will have to be the single vote to boot her out of the house. Ryan thinks the best case for him is a final three that consists of him, Adam and Sharon, since he feels both of those HouseGuests will take him to the final two.

Adam gives Ryan the yes he wants to hear, but he admits, "I am gonna say whatever I have to" to everyone in the house. Soon after, Sharon gets some time alone with Ryan and tells him the person they need to get out of the house is Adam. Ryan tells her not to worry. "He's a decent player, but you and me together can beat him," he assures Sharon.
 Who Do You Trust? In a conversation on the bathroom loveseat, Adam tells Sheila he has her back. Sheila says she has his back too, but wants to know if he wins PoV, will he protect her? Sheila says she is scared to be on the block with Sharon, as Adam notes the PoV is huge. Adam tells Sheila not to worry, but Sheila wants more from him. She lays into him on being the nice guy in the game, but at last he's going to have to step up and play. "You have to get your hands dirty," Sheila yells at him. Adam stops beating around the bush, and in the clearest language yet, tells Sheila he will "send Sharon packing."
 Not Exactly the Defiant Ones... Thanks to their loss in last week's luxury competition, Sheila and Adam have a punishment they must endure. "It's horrible," Sheila says as she reveals she and Adam have to be chained together for 24 hours. Sheila fumes as she makes her way to the Diary Room for their punishment, as Adam tells her, "You could at least be nice about things." Sheila, however, is not in a nice mood. Adam handcuffs his wrist to the thick black cord that will hold them together when Sheila notes, "You seem to know how to use these very well. It's scary."
 The House Divides Sharon takes advantage of Adam and Sheila's confinement to talk to Ryan. She warns Ryan that Sheila and Adam may fight all the time, but they remind her of her relationship with ex, Jacob. She thinks they will take each other to the end if they get the chance. Sheila uses her time attached to Adam to remind him they deserve the money more than Sharon and Ryan. "We are deserving, don't you think?" Sheila asks Adam. "Completely," he replies.

The next morning Adam and Sheila are finally released from their bonds. "We did it, Sheila," Adam says. "Twenty-four hours of heaven." Sheila apologizes for making the day difficult. "You know I love you," Sheila says, "Not really�"
 The Biggest Veto Yet It's time for the Power of Veto competition! The HouseGuests go into the backyard and find their own unique BIG BROTHER racetrack awaiting them. The yard has been broken into quadrants, one for each of them. On each of their walls are five headless jockeys. Ryan explains they must put the face of the five evicted HouseGuests currently in the Jury House in order on the jockeys, and attach two cards to each of them that describe individual facts about their game. Once the HouseGuests have a face and two cards attached to the jockey, they ring their bell to find out if they can move on to the next jockey. If the buzzer rings, they have to go back. The first person to complete the five jockeys wins the PoV.

Ryan gets the first jockey, Matt, and his two clues: Matt spun the wheel in the "In Sickness and In Health" competition, and he never won HoH. Sheila knew immediately she had the second jockey, Chelsia, who passed up $10,000 in a competition and was on the block only twice. The third jockey, Joshuah, was on the block only once and got voted out 3-1. Ryan quickly gets the fourth jockey, James, who won PoV three times and returned to the house. Ryan, who jumps over bales of hay with great speed to finish quickly, scores the fifth jockey, Natalie, who was a flier in the cupid competition and played in 20 competitions. Ryan wins the PoV! "If you're not first, you're last," Sheila tells Ryan.
 An Indecent Proposal In a bathroom conversation, Adam tries to make a deal with Sharon. Adam tells Sharon, "I'll keep you if you take me. Promise me, and I'll keep you." Surprised by his offer, Sharon remains noncommittal to Adam. This makes Adam suspicious, since he now wonders if Ryan has a deal with Sharon.

Sharon rushes up to the HoH Suite, where she tells Ryan that Adam just tried to cut a deal with her. Sharon tells Ryan this is why they shouldn't trust Big Baller! Ryan can't believe Adam would try this kind of move so late in the game and wonders if he should put Adam up on the block. Sharon reinforces her belief that they can't trust Adam.

Meanwhile, Sheila and Adam have another conversation in the Pink Room. Sheila cries as she tells Adam whether she comes in second place or first, the prize money will change her life. "You're my only hope," she says.
 The Boys Face Off Adam goes up to the HoH to talk to Ryan, but Ryan pounces on him when he demands to know what was going on with making a deal with Sharon. "No deals were cut," Adam shoots back. "I didn't try to cut a deal with her." Ryan says after hearing this he wonders who he should trust. "I don't know what to believe, dude," Ryan says before Adam tells him if there is no trust, he should put him on the block.

Host Julie Chen checks in with the final four and asks Ryan if it is dangerous to hold so much power. Ryan says it is actually good for him. After Sheila admits learning about being tied to Adam almost sent her running out the door, Adam says he accepts Sheila for who she is. "I'm stuck with her for another week, or maybe not, you never know," Adam says.
 Ryan Makes a Decision Julie announces Ryan must make his decision regarding the veto. Ryan stands and tells the HouseGuests it is best for him to keep his nominations in place, so he is not using the PoV. With that, it's time for the eviction ceremony. Since he is the only one voting, Adam stands and evicts Sharon! As she leaves the house, Sharon tells the HouseGuests to take care of her guineas.

Outside Julie asks Sharon how she is staying so composed. Sharon admits she is a little shocked, "but this is a game." Julie then asks what went wrong with her alliance with Ryan. "He had more faith in Adam," Sharon answers, noting that she is not mad, but this decision may end up costing Ryan the game.
 Up a Creek The three final HouseGuests make their way outside for the first of a three-part HoH competition. The winner of Part One will face off against the winner of Part Two in a final third round to determine who is the HoH. The HoH is not only guaranteed a spot in the final two, but also chooses who sits next to him or her in the end.

The HouseGuests wade through a lake and climb up onto a platform with running water. They attach themselves to boogie boards and grab onto a rope. The rules are simple. The last person holding a rope wins Round One. Julie warns there is a storm on the horizon, and suddenly the water begins rushing at the HouseGuests. The platform also lifts at an angle, making it more difficult to hold on.