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Season 9: Episode 32 - The Final Two HouseGuests are Revealed! Who Will Win the Half-Million Dollar Prize?
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The three remaining HouseGuests, Sheila, Adam and Ryan, are all holding on in "Up a Creek," the first of the three-part final Head of Household competition. The rushing water in the backyard river is cold, something Sheila feels right away. "That water was like ice water," Sheila says. "It felt like there were ice cubes in it." Ryan and Adam are sitting pretty, joking with one another and occasionally needling Sheila as they hang on to the ropes that keep them in the competition. This task is not easy for Sheila, who has a fear of water after almost drowning on a trip to Hawaii. "I knew I had to face my fears," she says.

Sheila is "blown away" that Adam decided to vote to keep her in the house over Sharon. She notes that the guy she hated "turned out to be my best friend." Ryan thinks Adam made a good move, since they were able to get rid of Sharon, someone who is more of a threat in competitions than Sheila. Best of all, Ryan didn't get his hands dirty by voting anyone out of the house. Adam thinks it was a good move for him because he was able to solidify his bond with Sheila, who will definitely bring him to the final two if by some miracle she wins the HoH competition.

Ryan reveals that up until an hour before the Tuesday live show, the decision was made to send Sheila packing, but Adam came to him and argued that it was in their best interest to evict stronger player Sharon. "Big Sheila ain't winning, Dog," Adam eloquently tells Ryan. "It's an old lady, dude." Sheila is just glad to be in the final three and hopes the final two will be her and Adam.

For the first round of the HoH, however, Sheila bows out quickly when she lets go of her rope and slides off the platform into the water below. Sheila decides it's better to let go and not push so hard and get sick from the cold water. When Sheila goes inside to dry off, the boys decide to let Ryan win. Adam lets go of the rope, giving the First Round to Ryan!
 Who's the Guinea Pig Now? Ryan comes out of the Diary room and tells Adam and Sheila it is time for the Second Round of the HoH competition. After waiting in different rooms, Adam is the first player to go outside. He sees a human-sized guinea pig wheel that is attached to a giant maze. Adam reads the instructions, which explain he must roll the wheel back and forth and get ten balls through the maze. He then must put the balls, which are labeled with past HoHs, in the correct chronological order. The first HouseGuest to get the balls out and put them in the right order wins Round Two.

After both Sheila and Adam have completed the task, Ryan comes out to reveal their times. Sheila completes the Second Round in just over 33 minutes. Adam tells Sheila he did poorly, but she's not sure to believe him. Ryan then reveals Adam's time. Baller did it in just under 15 minutes! This means Adam and Ryan will compete in the Third Round for the last HoH of the season!
 Sheila Makes a Move In the post-Second Round aftermath, Sheila tells Adam he has to win the final HoH. Sheila asks Adam if he really wants to take her to the end. "Why wouldn't I?" Adam asks. Sheila reminds him they are the last couple standing in the game.

A little later, Ryan and Adam talk and congratulate one another on going so far. Ryan tells Adam he proved his loyalty today, but Adam takes it a bit too far when he says he is going to win the half-million dollar prize. Ryan takes issue with this, since he thinks Adam is being presumptuous. This makes him think he might be better off going to the final two with Sheila.
 Talking to the Trio Host Julie Chen asks Sheila how it makes her feel to be at the mercy of Adam and Ryan. Sheila notes, "It's a very scary place to be sitting. I'm just hoping someone wants to take me." Julie then asks her how Adam looks right now. "He's looking really good to me now, Julie," Sheila says. On a scale of one to ten, Julie wants to know how confident each of them is that the Jury will vote for them to win. Ryan answers with a three, since he won a luxury competition, $10,000 and came in with his girlfriend, an unfair advantage. Sheila feels uncomfortable with some of the fights she's been in, so answers four. Adam is the most confident but decides to go with the low-ball number of five.
 The Jury Stews Up in the Jury House, Joshuah and Matt horse around as they grill. Matt notes they should have been friends in the BIG BROTHER house. Natalie notes that she and Matt don't hang out much in the Jury House. "My feelings for Matt go down the tubes when he is mean," Natalie says. "I don't really know what I feel for him."

When Sharon enters, Joshuah says he is genuinely sad. Matt is delighted since everyone from his alliance is still in the house. As they watch the DVD of the elimination, Matt notes that Sheila "cries about everything. She's a one trick pony." As Sharon leaves the house, Chelsia has them rewind the disc. She points out that Adam and Ryan are communicating nonverbally. "It is so obvious they are working together," she says.
 The Third and Final Round! Julie announces it is time for Ryan and Adam to compete in the third and final round of the HoH competition. Julie says she will read the beginning of statements made by the six members of the Jury, and then they will have to decide how that Juror completed the rest of their statement. Whoever scores the most points wins.

Question one! Matt said, "The HouseGuest I wish I was nicer to is..." Julie asks if Matt said A) Natalie, or B) James. Both Adam and Ryan answer A, and both are correct.

Question two: Chelsia said, "The moment from the show I most expect to read about in my home town paper is..." Julie asks if Chelsia said A) her showmance with James, or B) telling everyone off on way her way out the door. Both answer B, and both are incorrect.

Question three: Joshuah said, "The person who most deserves to win is..." Julie asks if Joshuah said himself or Sharon. Only Ryan comes up with the correct answer, Joshuah!

Question four: James said, "I think what will happen between me and Chelsia is..." Julie asks if James said they would bike around the world together or end their relationship. Both answer correctly, that the relationship will end.

Question five: Natalie said, "The best showmance this season was..." Julie asks if Natalie said herself and Matty, or James and Chelsia. Adam and Ryan both answer incorrectly when they say Natalie and Matt!

Question six: Sharon said, "The biggest lie I told this season was..." Julie asks if Sharon said faking a back injury in the "Glass Houses" competition, or that she never told a lie. Ryan and Adam both think Sharon never told a lie, which is incorrect. By one point, Ryan wins the final HoH!
 Who Gets Evicted? Julie tells Ryan he must now evict the last HouseGuest, which means Ryan will be not only be solely booting someone out of the house, but also choosing who will be going up against him for the half-million dollar prize. Adam tells Ryan he hopes he does the right thing. Sheila reminds Ryan that she could really use the money, and begs him to make the right decision. Ryan gets up and tells them he thinks they are both deserving for different reasons, but lets Adam know he thinks he is more deserving as far as game play is concerned. Sheila is evicted from the BIG BROTHER house!

Outside, Julie tells Sheila she looks devastated. "I am," Sheila says. "I thought Adam was gonna win this." She reveals she is brokenhearted about going home without the $500,000 grand prize or $50,000 runner-up prize. Julie asks Sheila if she learned anything from the experience that she might be able to teach her son. Sheila admits this was the toughest thing she has done, but still feels like she let her son down by not taking it to the last step. "I can't even comprehend what happened," Sheila says.

In his goodbye message, Ryan tells her "you may have had the roughest road" in the house. Adam admits that he misses her already. "It was great we ended up paired together," he says. "Talk about irony." He also lets her know that despite all their struggles, they did it "together."