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Season 9: Episode 33 - It's the final episode of this season of BIG BROTHER! The season is almost D-U-N, done, but there's the little business of findi
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The Last JurorUp at the Jury House, the six most recently evicted HouseGuests assemble for the arrival of the seventh and final jury member. Matt asks them all who they think will be next. Natalie says she does not want to see Adam here. She notes that up until she got evicted thanks to the tie vote, Ryan was promising Natalie he had her back. Joshuah notes that at least Ryan had a backbone in the game. Natalie announces that if one of the boys won the last HoH, Sheila will be the seventh juror.

Joshuah rags on Sheila, noting that she couldn't get herself out of a wet paper bag. As he says this, Sheila walks into backyard!

After the obligatory cheers and hugs, Matt asks Sheila what the hell happened. Sheila reports that Adam did what he normally does, and Matt interrupts and says Adam basically screwed her over. Sheila reports that Adam threw the Third Round of the final HoH so that Ryan would have to send her packing. Then Sheila reveals a shocker: "I'd rather give Ryan all the money at this point."

Matt says that as a competitor, he wants to know who played the game well. He thinks Adam did a lot of outsmarting over the course of the season. Chelsia notes that throwing competitions is a huge risk and shows some ballsy game play. Natalie mutters that she threw a competition, and it didn't work out so well for her.

Joshuah argues that while Adam lost competitions, Ryan won them. "It's not like he is Adam�just coasting by," he says. Natalie concedes that it was good strategy for Adam to throw competitions, since it worked well for him and Ryan. The HouseGuests agree that Ryan played a good game by making so many side deals with the likes of Natalie, Sharon and Joshuah. "None of us found out about it," Matt says. "That's smart."

Sheila still thinks Ryan played a better game, since he was straight up while Adam never looked anyone straight in the eye to tell him or her where he stood. Matt counters that BIG BROTHER is a game about lying. Sheila notes Adam lied to her until the very end of the game. Joshuah says that Ryan was more of a smooth talker and manipulator, which was awesome. Of all of them, Joshuah concedes that Ryan was thinking two weeks ahead of the competition. Matt agrees, noting that Ryan was a "better player than all of us."

Joshuah notes that unlike conventional wisdom, in BIG BROTHER, "last impressions will be a huge deal" when it comes to the Jury's question and answer session with Ryan and Adam.
 Ryan and Adam Get Grilled! Everyone cheers when Ryan and Adam pop up on the screen in the Jury House. Matt has the first question: What are you going to do with the money? Adam explains he wants to spend $100,000 for an after school program for kids. He also said he'd love to start a small business, but the bottom line is he'd like to change lives. Ryan gives an answer in which he says he'd like to help his mom a little bit, give some to Jen (which forces Chelsia to gag herself) and maybe spend a little on a charity. Joshuah says Ryan's answer was the worst ever.

Sharon wants to know why Ryan told her they would go to the end together when he was making eyes at Adam in a sign that the two of them were in cahoots. Ryan says he didn't want her out of the house and that he did in fact fight for her. Chelsia wants to know why she should give the money to Ryan when Jen called him a "hatred person." Ryan angrily denies that he is a racist and that despite what Jen said about him, he loves her to death. He also notes he wants to be with her for his whole life. "Wrong answer," Chelsia spits out.

Joshuah tells Adam that it appears he threw several competitions. He wants to know why he should vote for him since Ryan apparently played harder. Adam notes that it is a well-balanced game-physical, mental and emotional. He admits he did throw the First Round of the final HoH, but fought hard for the Third Round. " I gave my best shot," an increasingly heated Adam yells. Joshuah promptly tells Adam not to scream at them.
 Big Sheila Lets it Go Things get snippy when Sheila grills Adam, who insinuates that he was carrying his former partner throughout the game. Sheila lets him know that at multiple times throughout the game she carried him as well. "Don't take all the credit, Adam," Sheila says. "I'm not," Adam retorts. He says he is sorry she is not sitting next to him in the Final Two, but she had a fair shot to compete in the final HoH.

Ryan and Adam then make final statements on why they should be the winner of BIG BROTHER. Ryan says he played a good game, and won things when he needed to. He refuses to say anything bad about Adam, because he wants to play a standup game as much as he can.

Adam says for the questions he has been getting, he thinks the Jury Members will make their decision based on personal relationships, game play and what they are going to do with the money. He notes that he will leave the house with something from each of them. He apologizes that the rest of them are not there, but notes it is "over for you guys, it's not over for us."

Joshuah says that Adam is so cocky and arrogant that he "cannot stand him." James notes he doesn't know how he is going to vote. Chelsia reminds everyone that maybe the game isn't over for them all just yet. "We decide which one gets the money," she says.
 Jury Aftermath Ryan tells Adam, "That was rough, bro." Adam thinks Chelsia, Joshuah and Matt were on the level, but the rest were psychopaths. Adam thinks the vote is a tossup. "I don't know, dude," Ryan says. "I don't think either of us got any closer at all," Adam sighs.
 It's Time to Vote Host Julie Chen checks in with the final two HouseGuests and asks them in one word how they would describe the Jury Q&A. Adam goes with "rough" while Ryan chooses "nerve-wracking."

Julie then has the jury members come up to the Key Box and vote for the winner. As he votes, Matt says one of them will have to take him to Vegas. Joshuah says he is voting for someone with a backbone, while Sheila says it is honestly a very easy decision for her. James says he hopes they party the money away.
 Secrets Revealed After welcoming back the first six HouseGuests, host Julie Chen asks Natalie if she was playing all sides or aligned with Ryan and Adam. Natalie says she was both, but at the end of the day she was loyal to the boys. Before Natalie goes home to watch all the episodes, Julie wants to know if Matt wants to tell her anything. Matt says he apologizes for everything. Natalie says it's fine, and notes that is why Matt got voted out of the house. "It's called karma," she says.

Julie then asks Jen how she feels about Alison. Jen admits her thoughts about Alison have not changed since watching the show. Alison is gracious, saying she has no hard feelings and feels Jen and Ryan have a good relationship.

It is time for some secrets to be revealed! Julie shows Ryan the clip of Natalie's eviction, which shows Adam did turn to her and mouth that he voted to keep her. Adam is unapologetic. "He knew, come on," Adam says.

Julie also shows Adam what really happened when Joshuah turned on the water works over his pizza. Adam is stunned to find out Joshuah was a big faker and was crying just for strategy. "Joshuah, the Emmy is waiting for you," Julie notes.
 And the Winner Is... Julie announces it is time to pull the keys and announce the winner of BIG BROTHER. Julie pulls Matt's key--the first vote is for Adam. Natalie's key reveals a second vote for Adam. Joshuah's key reveals a vote for Ryan, while Sharon cast her vote for Adam. Julie pulls Sheila's key, and with her vote Adam is officially the winner of BIG BROTHER!

Julie then reveals Chelsia and James both voted for Adam as well. But what about America's Favorite Juror? Julie announces that Sheila came in second place, while James is the winner of the special $25,000 prize.