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Season 10: Episode 2 - A Veto Win Changes Up Jerry's Nominations
A Player Gets Played in the First Big Strategic Move of the Season!
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In the standard post-nomination ceremony hug, Head of Household Jerry tells eviction nominee Jessie to "work it out with the people" if he wants to stay another week. Even though Jerry has nominated Jessie and Renny because the nominees got into a conflict the night before, telecom sales guy and aspiring house puppet master, Brian, thinks the nominations "were 100 percent" his idea. Brian also thinks he's got Jerry under control. For his part, Jerry thinks he is in an alliance with Brian and the two of them will be loyal to the end. Renny tries to talk to Jessie about why they were both nominated, but he decides to focus on making himself a protein shake. Later Renny calls Jessie a "punk boy" who hasn't gotten his "whistle wet in life."
 Next time lead with the one about Adam and Eve Jerry tries to explain to Jessie and Michelle that he was in a tough position as HoH, and compares the decision he has to make with the Biblical story of King Solomon, who proposed as a test that two mothers physically split a baby they both claimed as theirs. Jessie rolls his eyes at Michelle as Jerry tells the story. Jessie is not impressed, and says later Jerry was talking "about Sam, or Samuel, or something about a baby getting ripped apart in half…I guess."
 In-vet-er-ate: firmly established, as in a habit; settled or confirmed in practice Later that night, Jerry has everyone up to his HoH Suite to share a bottle of wine. The HouseGuests are all getting along, but then Renny asks if she can say something. She tells Jessie with everyone else listening that she apologized to him for waking him up, an act that was entirely accidental. Jessie thanks her for the apology, but notes it took her a day and a half to get around to saying she was sorry. Renny is stunned, since she knows she apologized that night in the bathroom (a flash back to the moment in question proves Renny right). "That's one thing I can't take, an inveterate liar," she says.

As the night winds down, Brian lets Michelle and Ollie know his theory on evictions. Should they vote out someone like Renny, who will self destruct in a couple weeks anyway thanks to her behavior, or go after Jessie, someone who might actually win the $500,000? Brian thinks the answer is clear. "I love this game," he says later. After his Michelle/Ollie conversation, Brian makes a strategic play for Angie during a game of pool, where he offers her safety for her vote this week. Brian then offers a similar deal to Steven. And Memphis. Everyone seems to go for it except Memphis, who wants to let things play out. Still, Brian is so confident that even if Jessie wins the Power of Veto, someone he wants to see go home will absolutely go up on the elimination block.
 Showmance budding already? April and Ollie are prime candidates for the first romantic relationship of Big Brother 10. The spark between them is clear, since both see each other as someone they would date outside the house. In one flirty conversation, Ollie goes so far as to say he would keep April off the nomination block, "unless there was a gun to his head." Be careful, Ollie, your allies may be aiming as you speak…
 Time for the very first Veto Competition of the season! Jerry calls everyone to the living room to pick players for the veto competition. Six HouseGuests will play: the Head of Household (Jerry), the two nominees (Jessie and Renny), and three other HouseGuests chosen at random. Jerry chooses Memphis at random, while Renny selects Michelle. Jessie pulls April's name out of the bag as Jerry selects Angie as host.

The HouseGuests go outside to find a giant bed covered in different colored pillows, plus a pool of honey. Angie explains the Veto players must tear open the pillows that match the color of their sleeping wear to find teddy bears. They then must dive through the honey and deposit their teddy bears in jars. The first player to find all five bears and put them in their jars wins the Power of Veto.

The six players find out quickly the honey is so thick it is almost impossible to crawl through. Everyone gets themselves through the honey rather quickly, except Renny. "Are you freaking kidding me," she screams as she finally drags herself out of the honey. Memphis and Jerry are the first players to get bears in their jars, but Michelle quickly laps them with two bears in quick succession. Jessie scores a bear, putting himself in the game. As the game continues, everyone begins to look like giant chickens thanks to the feathers from the pillows. Michelle, Jessie and Memphis are tied with three bears when Michelle scores her fourth bear. Jessie catches up, and the competition suddenly becomes a two-player race. As the rest of the HouseGuests cheer, Jessie stuffs his fifth bear into a jar to win the Veto! To top it off, Jessie naturally tears off his tank top. Jessie is relieved, while Brian is confident he can get someone he wants out of the house to get that second nomination.
 Rule No. 1: The tables turn quickly in the Big Brother house In the post-veto competition afterglow, Brian notes to Dan that Memphis did a little too well in the competition, and should be the replacement nominee. Brian wastes no time in talking to Jerry about why Memphis, who won the car in the first luxury competition, is the optimal choice.

Ollie is talking to Keesha, April and Libra in the Hippie Bedroom about nominations when Brian comes in. Ollie tells Brian to allay the female trio's fears about nominations. Brian assures them he is "in control" and Memphis is the target for the week. Brian and Ollie leave, thinking they have the three women all locked up, but Libra is sure that Brian's cocky attitude means he, Ollie and Dan are in cahoots and think they control the game. April doesn't want to believe Ollie would be in an alliance without telling her, but Keesha and Libra are not as naïve.
 The Girls strike back! In a sauna room chat session, Keesha talks to Angie and Michelle about the rising threat of Brain. Angie and Michelle are also nervous about his power in the house. Meanwhile in the bathroom, Libra nails home for April that Ollie is working with Brian. "I though he really liked me and now I'm really pissed," a tearful April cries before confronting Ollie.

Ollie comes in to talk, and within moments sells out Brian and Dan to keep things cool with his showmance April. The threesome move to the storage room, where Ollie says he would never double cross April and admits he thinks Brian is moving too fast in the game. He announces someone needs to warn Memphis, but who?

Well, Ollie himself! After a quick chat in the Sauna Room, Memphis realizes the game is seriously being player. He tells Jessie that Brian is definitely one that needs to be watched. In the Hippie Room, Ollie, Keesha and Libra decide they have to go to Jerry as a group and tell him what's up with Brian. Libra quickly gathers Angie and Michelle as Ollie draws in Jessie. But how do they get Jerry up there without raising Brian's suspicions? Secret agent April, of course! After asking him to open up the HoH Suite to use the bathroom, everyone but Brian and Dan corner Jerry out in the loft.

Ollie quickly lays it on the line—Brian has to go up. Michelle, Angie and Keesha explain what Brian is up to, and implore Jerry to nominate Brian. Jerry feels threatened, but everyone reminds him he can assure his safety next week by putting up Brian. Jerry wonders if he can really trust any of them.
 Time for the Veto Ceremony Brian is as cocky as ever as Jessie gets ready for the Veto Ceremony. Jerry is beside himself with grief, since he has to go back on his word to Brian—he's gone so far as to not wear any military-themed clothing since he feels bad about what he is about to do.

Not surprisingly, Renny says she doesn't expect Jessie to use the Veto on her, and Jessie delivers on that expectation when he uses the Veto on himself. Jerry gets up to deliver the bad news. He says he had an alliance, but found out the person he was aligned with had other deals on the side. Jerry explains he was cornered by eight people in the house, and felt he had to heed to their wishes. Jerry then announces he is nominating Brian for eviction! "I'm very shocked," Dan says. "Don't let the preacher's son fool you," Ollie warns. "He was a mystery, now he's history," Libra says. "The player got played," Brian sighs before noting he may still have a couple tricks up his sleeve.

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