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Season 10: Episode 3 - The First HouseGuest Is Eliminated From Big Brother 10
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

The claws are out for the inaugural fight of the seasonTo say Brian is surprised by his eviction nomination is definitely an understatement. Once so sure he was calling the shots for this week's eviction, Brian suddenly faces the reality that he is the prime target for getting tossed out of the house. "The house of cards came tumbling down," Brian says, noting that his alliance with Head of Household Jerry collapsed under him. "He sold me down the river," Brian says.

Right after the veto ceremony, Jerry tells Brian, "They gave me an ultimatum." When Brian asks who, Jerry tells him, "all eight." Jerry lets him know Dan stayed true to him, but Ollie was the ringleader!

Both Brian and Dan are stunned their supposed alliance partner would throw one of their own under the bus so quickly. "A lot of people will see what Ollie's word means," Brian warns. Jerry feels badly about what happened but tells Brian he didn't feel like he had a choice. He lets Brian know that's why he didn't wear anything military themed during the Veto ceremony because of what was about to go down. Brian isn't impressed. "All you had to do was stick to what you said you were going to do," Brian fumes after the chat. "Thanks!"

Outside, Dan and Brian ask Ollie what just happened. Ollie stammers a bit before giving a Jerry-like answer that the numbers were up against him, and he had no choice. A little later, Dan tells Brian that Ollie let his house main squeeze April sway him, a move that could come back to haunt him. Dan thinks Ollie should be careful of April's sexy-yet-deadly Stiletto heels. "If he doesn't watch himself, he is going to get stabbed," Dan says.
 There's one born every minute, and his name just might be Ollie The budding showmance between Ollie and April takes another step as the pair gets to some serious canoodling in the Pink Bedroom. Ollie and April are both enamored with each other's lips, among other body parts. "I'm going to be the sucker, man," Ollie sighs when he talks about April. "I feel it." Ollie should go with that feeling. While April certainly has a soft spot for Ollie, she's not letting some silly man get in the way of her game. "Of course I'm using my relationship with Ollie to my advantage," she says.

Brian continues the nomination postmortem with Steven, who tells him he was not part of the eight HouseGuests who went to Jerry about the nominations. But Steven reminds Brian the game is not up yet, and there may be the five votes he needs to force a tie and throw the decision back to Jerry. "It would be like pulling an elephant out of top hat to be here next week," Brian says. "I've seen it done," Steven assures him.
 The House puppet master takes it all literal Brian says his strategy is to make everyone love him so much they couldn't bear not having him in the house. To get there, Brian proposes some sock puppet theatre out on the patio involving Angie, Memphis, Dan and Steven. Brian has a good time enacting the live show through sock puppets and also making fun of himself for having "8,000 alliances" the first week. With help from Angie and Steven, Brian rags on Ollie and April for Memphis' amusement. April, however, is not so amused. In the kitchen she tells Libra that Angie "is just digging herself into a hole" by hanging out with Brian and showing him so much support.

Brian's plan seems to be working, since Steven says it "really sucks to see you leave." Angie has similar sentiments, and talks to Keesha about the possibility of keeping Brian and getting rid of the drama that is Renny. Keesha wonders if that's really possible.
 Blondes go wild! Later out by the pool table, April, Ollie, Jessie and Libra grouse about Brian trying to stay for another week. Sitting across the yard, Keesha decides they are talking about her. "Can you just trust me for two seconds," she screams. April is having none of it, and lashes out at fellow blonde Keesha so harshly that Ollie has to physically hold his house lady friend back. Jessie announces Brian is going home and that's the end of it. Keesha simmers, and spits out that she can't stand April. Sensing an opportunity, Brian high tails it to the kitchen where he tells Jerry that he may have the votes for a tie, which Jerry would then have to break. Jerry remains non-committal on voting to keep Brian in the House. "We're going to see where the house stands," Jerry says, leaving Brian to wonder if the HoH would keep him if he had to break that tie.

In the Hippie Room, Renny consoles a sobbing April, who is shaken from the Keesha smack down and the possibility of her plans going awry. Libra warns Renny she may have to pack her bags after all. "At the 11th hour, they made it work," Libra sighs. Can Brian pull himself out of this?
 Hello HouseGuests! Host Julie Chen checks in with the HouseGuests and tells them for this season each Wednesday's live show will also feature an audience of rabid BIG BROTHER fans! Julie then asks Jessie if he and Renny have buried the hatchet. Jessie says you have to give respect to get respect, and that's something Renny hasn't done yet. Me-ouch! Renny says Jessie has a lot to learn about life and retorts, "Son, you should learn from what you say."

Julie then turns her attention to Libra. She points out that Libra has a four-year-old and infant twins; what would Libra say to fans who are critical of her leaving her young children for such a long time? "The choices I make are my own," Libra says, noting her mother and husband are huge support to her. "As long as I have them in my corner, I think I can do pretty much anything."

Up in the HoH Suite, Julie asks Jerry if he regrets being Head of Household this week. Jerry reminds Julie that's the game, even if it was difficult betraying Brian. He does feel fortunate since he sees many of the female players as his strategic "saviors."
 And the votes are in... By a vote of 9-1, Brian is the first player evicted from the BIG BROTHER 10 house. Brian exits to cheers from the audience as the remaining HouseGuests ponder the fact that they are now just twelve.

Brian tells Julie his big mistake was "building an army," but not realizing "there was anybody on the other side." Brian admits he went at the game too quickly. "If that veto ceremony had been held 12 hours earlier it would have gone a different way," he says. If, Brian, if! Julie asks if Dan will survive without him, and Brian notes his BIG BROTHER ally was the one guy in the house "that has never faltered," but wonders if Dan's conscience will allow him to do what he needs to win. After his House goodbyes, Brian says Memphis has the whole game in the bag if he plays his cards right.
 Majority Rules wins you HoH Julie explains to the HouseGuests that this week's HoH competition is Majority Rules, where they must decide what the majority of the HouseGuests would choose in an either-or decision. For the first question Julie asks who does the majority of the house think is likely to commission a life-sized portrait of themselves? Brian or Jessie? Everyone chooses Jessie except Memphis, who is eliminated. Second question: who would the majority of the house trust as their fashion consultant? The majority says April, eliminating Renny and Keesha from the game. Michelle, Dan and April are eliminated with the third question, while Angie is eliminated on the fifth question. This leaves Libra, Ollie, Jessie and Steven playing in the tie breaker round. Julie asks the remaining HouseGuests, "How many pillows were used in the Sweet Dreams Honey Veto Competition?" The correct answer is 300, and the player with the closest number-Jessie-is the second Head of Household of the season!

How will the house react to Jessie as the new HoH? Does this make Renny a lock to be nominated for a second week in a row? Find out Sunday at 8pm et/pt on CBS on BIG BROTHER 10!