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Season 10: Episode 4 - Muscles Rule the House as Jessie Becomes HoH
Two more HouseGuests are nominated for eviction
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

With Brian walking out of the house as the first evictee, Dan is at peace with the fact that he stayed true to his word, but knows his short-lived alliance with Brian made him "stick out like a sore thumb." Steven is surprised at how emotional he got over Brian's departure, but keeps it inside since he still has to figure out how to survive in the house. Ollie's conscience is clear, and says his relationship with April is "way more important" than betraying Brian.

Libra is so delighted to see Brian go that she could have done "a dance, a jig, a high step, I was freaking happy." Jessie shows no sympathy when Brian's Memory Wall picture turns black and white. He thinks Brian's "teeth look a little whiter" and his hair doesn't look so salt and peppery. Renny is just happy she wasn't the first one sent packing.

Renny's relief doesn't last long, though, since her house enemy Jessie is the Head of Household. "It's going to be another long week," she sighs. Steven notes the house is broken into two: the group who liked Brian (himself, Angie and Dan) and then everyone else.

Dan tells Steven he is not going to be kissing Jessie's ass. Steven thinks he's fine with Jessie and should have a safe week, but Dan tells him to pick up the clue phone and see that he is definitely a target, along with Renny. "You might want to prepare," Dan suggests.

In the Hippie Bedroom, Libra, April and Michelle talk about Jessie's possible nominations. They all agree that Renny shouldn't go on the block while Angie and Steven definitely should be targets. Note to Jessie: you have some lobbyists heading your way…
 Enough about me, what do you think of me? Jessie's HoH Room move-in is all about, well, Jessie! Instead of numerous pictures of his friends and family, the majority of the shots are different poses of the natural body builder himself, which gives him ample reasons to tell the rest of the HouseGuests about his abs, back, arms, legs, skin…

April reveals later she is "not into the whole muscle thing. I like my guys with a little cushion." Dan notes that if they learned one thing from the HoH Room, it's that "Jessie loves Jessie." One thing Jessie does not love is the diss he gets from Steven, who sleeps through his HoH Room move-in. He calls Steven "disrespectful" for not coming up.

Once Dan, Renny, Keesha, Angie and Jerry leave, the rest of the house discusses nominations. Jessie announces he is definitely putting up Renny, which goes over like pork at a Bar Mitzvah. Libra gives him a gruff "No!" as Michelle, Ollie, April and Memphis all tell him that's not the right call. A grumpy Jessie can't understand why his allies so adamantly reject his nomination idea.

Meanwhile, Angie and Keesha talk on the patio about how they feel isolated in the house. Keesha says she is really over April and her cattiness, reinforcing the fact that she does not like her fellow blonde HouseGuest. It is clear Keesha, who used to be allies with the clique up in the HoH Room, is now on the outs.
 A love that survives all Outside, Jerry shares with Libra and Angie that his wife of 54 years has Parkinson's Disease. He explains this is why he got himself into such good physical shape since he wants to be able to take care of her as long as possible. Libra and Angie choke up when Jerry reveals he could never put his wife in a nursing home, since he would lose his best friend and have no one to talk to. Later, Jerry reveals his wife is supportive of everything he does and they will accept the challenges they face for the rest of their lives together.

Knowing she is in jeopardy, Angie asks to speak to Jessie. She cops to the fact that she was bonding with Brian and even worked to secure some votes for him to stay. Jessie is not impressed, reminding Angie she put him and others in the house at risk. Angie wants a new start, but Jessie is hardly forgiving. Is she going to end up on the block?
 Stop Your Wining! Sporting a beret and funny moustache, Jessie announces it is time for this week's food competition! The house breaks up into two teams: The green team, or "Chard-o-nay-nays," and the red team, or "Pinot-wah-wah's."

The HouseGuests go outside to find two huge elevated barrels and a row of empty wine bottles for each team. Jessie explains in this competition that the teams must fill the bottles up with wine that will drip from holes in the bottom of the barrels. The catch is that two players from the other team will be in the barrels trying to stop up the holes with corks provided by another player, who has to find the correct-sized corks in a huge vat.

The game starts with the Chard-o-nay nay's enjoying a nice groove, thanks mostly to Dan, who efficiently tosses corks up to Angie and Steven. Ollie, Michelle and Jessie work hard to transport the wine over to the bottles.

"Honey, if anybody can pour wine, it's me," Renny says later about the challenge, which she excels at. The Pinot-wah-wah's also have solid workers in Libra, Keesha, Memphis and Jerry, but April proves to be much less effective than Dan at throwing corks up to the barrel since she doesn't do as good of a job communicating. She's also not a very good thrower. Bad combo.

Time's up! Jessie announces the Chard-o-nay nay's filled up one and a half bottles while the Pinto-wah-wah's didn't even complete a single bottle. Libra is very frustrated over being on slop for another week, while April starts to immediately look for someone to blame. Keesha is on slop as well, but she loves seeing her house frenemies go at it!
 Mission Dan! Dan needs some quality time with HoH Jessie, but getting him alone is not easy. He decides to ask if he can use the HoH Room bathroom, and plans to stay there until Jessie comes back. Dan watches on the monitor, but things go horribly awry when Ollie comes up to the HoH Room with Jessie! Dan hightails it to the HoH bathroom, where he hangs out before flushing the toilet. "Who the hell is in my bathroom," Jessie asks Ollie as Dan nonchalantly enters. "Hey guys," he says to a surprised Jessie and Ollie. Dan knows his mission failed, but even worse, it's foiled by Ollie, the very guy who got Brian thrown out of the house in the first place!
 Operation Dan, take two Dan finally goes and makes his pitch to Jessie. He tells Jessie he understands he has to nominate someone, but for this week he wanted to keep his word to Brian. Dan also points out that at this juncture in the game, he's got nada. Jessie says the way Dan handled his alliance with Brian was much better than the way other people handled it. As the conversation breaks up, it's clear Dan's pitch clearly impresses Jessie. Has Dan used his integrity to keep himself off the block?
 And the nominees are... As Jessie finalizes his eviction nominations, Dan thinks he's helped his cause "a little bit." Steven thinks Jessie is too cocky to consider anyone in the house as a threat, while Renny and Angie both note they are not safe.

After calling everyone into the dining room, Jessie pulls his first key, and announces Keesha is safe. The keys start flying out of the box, and all of Jessie's allies, including Ollie, Libra, April and Memphis are quickly deemed safe as well. As the keys dwindle, Angie is relieved to get her key. The last key pulled out of the box is Renny's! Dan and Steven are the nominees. Jessie explains to Steven he showed disrespect when he didn't come up to the HoH Suite. Steven shoots back that he was asleep and woke up after everyone went up to see Jessie's room. Jessie retorts that it still took him over a day to make it upstairs.

"Jessie is a tool, because he's a tool," Steven fumes. "I also think he is a tool of people in the house." Dan is not surprised and knows he is going to have to chip away at the HouseGuests to make sure he stays another week. Renny is relieved her strategy of laying low for the week worked. Jessie notes that if everything goes to plan, Steven will walk out the door on Wednesday. Not bad for an "immature" kid from Iowa, Jessie says in another round of congratulating himself.

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