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Season 10: Episode 5 - The "Portuguese Princess" Wins the PoV, Libra's Frustration Makes her a Target
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

Steven admits he's not surprised he's a nominee for eviction, but reveals it hurt his feelings. He thinks Jessie's disrespect excuse is "B.S." Libra agrees with the house consensus that Steven is the one to go this week, since he was aligned with Brian and is a strong competitor. Head of Household Jessie is proud of himself, noting he's "won every competition I've been in, yet don't have a target on my back."

In the aftermath of the ceremony, eviction nominee Dan pulls Jessie aside to touch base. Dan reaffirms there are no hard feelings while Jessie immediately tells him he is good for the week since the target is Steven. "He's shooting himself in the foot," Jessie tells Dan, but notes, "how far we can help each other is still up in the air." Dan knows Jessie respects him for staying faithful to his ally Brian, and tries to build up the level of trust between himself and Jessie. "I have my foot in the door with Jessie," Dan says after their conversation. "If I can make a deal I'll be sitting very, very pretty." Jessie reveals that he honestly trusts Dan. Is this the beginning of a new alliance?

Unlike Dan, Steven decides after nominations to retreat into his bedroom. Angie checks in with him to make sure he is okay. Steven says he is fine but admits he feels "kind of numb." Angie feels more on the outs in the house since all her allies are being targeted, but realizes like Dan and Steven, she also has to "distance herself from all things Brian."
 This little piggy is looking for a showmance In the sauna room, Jessie enjoys the benefits of being the HoH thanks to Michelle, who paints his toenails. Michelle notes he is getting pampered, while Jessie asks if she had higher expectations for the men in the house. Michelle notes she would like a showmance and expresses her not-so-subtle disappointment over Jessie having a girlfriend. Jessie lets her know that having a girlfriend in the outside world doesn't mean he's opposed to some action inside the house. Ollie and April, you may have to move over!
 Memphis makes a move for Team B.A Secure in his alliance with Jessie, Memphis tells the HoH they need to expand their alliance by two people so they can solidify their position in the house. In a storage room conversation, Memphis suggests they bring in Angie and Michelle, who he perceives as strong both mentally and physically. Jessie says he's fine with this as long as Memphis trusts them. On the way out, Jessie jokes they are "Team B.A.," or Team Bad-Ass.

The pair corner Angie out on the patio, and broach the idea of becoming a strategic foursome. Fresh off her conversation with Steven, Angie is more than open to the idea of an alliance, but does not go so far as to completely seal a deal.
 Keesha Hearts Steven Of all the people in the house, Keesha is the most upset over the idea of her BFF Steven leaving this week. She says he can't leave, and Steven asks if that means she would use the Power of Veto on him if she wins the Veto Competition. "I don't want you to go," she tells a relieved Steven.
 Pick your Players Jessie calls everyone into the living room to pick players for the Veto Competition. Only six people get to participate: the HoH, the two nominees, and three additional HouseGuests drawn randomly. Jessie draws Michelle. Dan gets the "HouseGuest's Choice" chip and selects Libra, because he thinks she is the least likely to rock the boat and shake up Jessie's nominations. Steven reaches into the bag and hits the Veto jackpot-he draws Keesha! Jessie then picks Jerry to host the competition. "I think I'd make a good TV host if my voice ever clears up," Jerry croaks.
 Putting the Veto into Drive The HouseGuests go outside to find huge driver's license photos for each of the Veto players. To say they pictures are not flattering is an understatement. Jerry explains they are competing in "BIG BROTHER DMV," where players will have to guess the common BIG BROTHER phrases displayed on vanity license plates to earn the "license to Veto." Dan says he will continue to build a "weak persona" in the house and plans on throwing the competition. He notes he is risking a lot, but could gain a lot from the move.

Dan sticks to the plan in the very first round when he rings in and gives the incorrect answer for the word "eviction." He is eliminated from the competition, but is followed by Jessie, who also answers incorrectly. "All he's got to do is wait it out," a frustrated Jessie mutters about Steven after he's been eliminated. Unfortunately, Steven isn't good at waiting it out, since he is eliminated next.

For the next round Jerry announces a surprise; the winner will receive a one-week slop pass, but will also be eliminated from the competition. Michelle says she is leaving it up to Keesha and Libra, who are both miserable on slop. Libra wants it, but also wants to do right by the house. Since she doesn't trust Keesha with the veto, Libra refuses to answer. Keesha also stays mum. No one answers, and the slop pass goes away.

In the next round, Libra chokes as she gives her answer, and finds herself out of the game. Tied with ten points each, it's down to Michelle and Keesha. Jerry serves up the next phrase, and Keesha quickly buzzes in. Keesha chokes! Michelle wins the Power of Veto!
 Keesha on the outs? Steven warns Keesha to be careful what she says to Libra since no one in the house can be trusted. Keesha says she doesn't care since Libra can kiss her ass.

More than a little aggravated at Libra, Keesha grouses to Renny. For her part, Renny loves to stir the pot and loves when there are arguments in the house since they make her feel "really good." When Keesha goes outside and gets into a spat with Libra over her alliance with Steven, Renny just sits back and enjoys the action.
 Slow, Old People? Keesha continues to talk smack to Jerry and Renny about Libra, calling her a troublemaker. Renny lets it slip that Libra was critical of her and Jerry concerning their performance in the Food Competition. This ticks Jerry off, who notes Libra likes to find blame for things in other people. Jerry heads right to Libra and tells her he hears she was dissing the "slow old guys on your team." Libra freaks out, screaming, "I did not" before telling Jerry she just said they should balance the teams more appropriately next time. Jerry accuses her of bitching about the teams the moment after their loss, an accusation that really sets Libra off. Renny listens to the fireworks from the living room.

Jerry storms out to the bathroom as Steven asks if he's okay. Jerry says he knows what he is doing as Libra follows him into the bathroom for round two. As they fight more, Jerry reveals Renny told him this. Libra then goes after Renny, who wants nothing of it. As Libra heads out to the bedrooms, Renny comes after her as the two scream about what may or may not have been said. "What do you think that implies," Renny asks. "I didn't say you were slow and old," Libra shoots back. Renny ends it with "You better not!"
 An opening for Steven? Steven heads up to the HoH to pitch Jessie. Steven hopes Libra's drama makes her a target for eviction. Jessie notes the person who needs to be pitched is Michelle. Steven grabs the Veto holder for a conversation and pitches the idea of putting up Libra. Michelle is cool to the idea until Steven suggests she leave him on the chopping block and take down Dan. Michelle is suddenly interested. As Steven goes in for the kill, Michelle resists the hard sell, noting it is difficult to put this all into perspective so quickly. Will Michelle shake things up?
 Time for the Veto Ceremony! After calling everyone into the living room for the Veto Ceremony, Michelle asks Steven to speak first. He notes that his friendship with Brian "will haunt me until the day I leave this house," but notes he wants to stay. Dan admits he made mistakes early on, but accepts that he made his bed, and now has to sleep in it. He says there is nothing he would love more than the "Portuguese Princess from Providence" to use the Veto on him, but he will have no hard feelings.

Michelle announces she is going to let the nominations stand and NOT use the Power of Veto. Dan feels this is a sure sign Steven is definitely going home. Steven says he is going to fight, even if it means pushing people's faces in the toilet to get them to listen. Michelle notes that "people will tell you what you want to hear," but at the end of the day "I have everything to lose and nothing to gain but enemies" by using the PoV.

Who will be the second HouseGuest evicted from the house? And who will be the next Head of Household? Find out live Wednesday 8pm ep/pt on BIG BROTHER 10!