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Season 10: Episode 6 - The Second Player Gets the (Cowboy) Boot out of the House, Big Brother 10 gets its First Female HoH
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Michelle's decision to not use the Power of Veto forces Steven to come to grips with the fact that he is the main target for eviction this week, while fellow nominee Dan breathes a sigh of relief since he feels he's dodged a bullet. Steven is bummed he's on the block with one of his closest friends in the house, but that doesn't stop him from coming up with a plan to stay, even if Dan thinks pushing too hard will just make Steven look desperate. Libra speaks for the majority of the house when she explains that Steven is a strong competitor, but also that he is the first of the floaters-Renny, Jerry, Dan and Steven-to face elimination.

Not one to give up a fight, Steven approaches Libra, Keesha, April and Ollie in the sauna room about staying. Ollie and the rest agree it is nothing personal, but just game. When April says she wants to get out a better competitor like Steven, he shoots back, "Don't you think as a better competitor, I'd be a better ally?" Steven begs for another chance, swearing he will stay on their side. When they question Steven's deal, he asks them if Dan would ever offer them something like this.
 Who is Loyal to Whom? After Steven leaves, Ollie and the trio of women can discuss the current state of alliance. Since Jessie and Michelle have a budding friendship and Angie and Memphis are currently attached at the hip, they all wonder if bringing Steven on their side is a good way to keep numbers in their favor. Keesha notes they need to grab one of the floaters-so why not grab a strong player like Steven?

Dan senses something is up, and heads up to the HoH Suite to touch base with Jessie and Michelle, who assure him he is safe for the week. Meanwhile, Angie tells Memphis it makes her skin crawl to have to be nice to Libra and April. Memphis tells her to keep their budding alliance a secret as Angie notes that Dan is a "really good guy" and the "closer we keep him to us the better we will be."

But does everyone feel the same way? In the Hippie Bedroom, Keesha, Libra and April keep discussing the feasibility of Steven staying. They all agree Steven staying would throw the first stone towards the breakup of the house into two sides. "It would be instantly crazy in here," Keesha warns.
 If I could ask a HouseGuest anything… Host Julie Chen asks the HouseGuests questions, some of which are posed by the live studio audience. Julie asks Jerry if he thinks his fellow HouseGuests respect him as a competitor. "I would like to think they do," Jerry answers. "I feel I earned it, and I feel they owe it to me." After a question to Libra about her smack down with Jerry over older players, Julie gets to the showmance between April and Ollie! April says Ollie is a "sweetheart" and easy to talk to, something you need since the house can "make you go crazy a bit." Ollie says his conservative preacher father would be all in favor of his son finding someone to confide in, and would only be offended if he disrespected a woman in the house. In terms of forming a showmance with April, he thinks his dad "would give me a round of applause right now."
 New Orleans vs. Mason City Definitely NOT in a showmance are Jessie and Renny. In New Orleans, Renny's son, Sparky, says his mom is certainly the life of the party and has been getting attention since she was a New Orleans Saints dancer back in 1977. He thinks Jessie is "acting like a punk" in the way he treats his mother. In Mason City, Iowa, Jessie's mother, Sandra, says Renny exploited her son to "make him the bad guy." She asserts Jessie is not a punk, but does admit he lets "power go to his head." This is a good thing to her, since is attitude and bodybuilding might someday make him governor of California! Hey, dreams are good…
 The Outgoing HoH has Something to Say Up in the HoH Suite away from the other HouseGuests, Jessie confides to Julie that his biggest weakness in the game may be his friendship with Michelle, which could make him a target going forward. "I see this as my only downfall," Jessie reveals.

Soon Jessie is back downstairs and the two nominees are making their final pleas before the elimination vote. Dan says he would appreciate a second chance in the game but understands he may have to go. Steven says he immediately regrets his decision to align with Brian, but ends by jokingly telling his fellow HouseGuests to "suck it, bitches!" Julie is a bit surprised and tells him, "Let's see how far that gets you, Steven."
 So Who's No.2? Turns out it doesn't get him very far at all. By a unanimous vote, Steven is the second player evicted from the BIG BROTHER 10 house. Outside the house, Julie asks Steven what is harder: riding a bull or playing this game? Steven says you only have to ride a bull eight seconds, while this game feels like it lasts eight years. Steven holds it together until he sees goodbye messages from his friends in the house, including Angie who apologizes for not having the votes to keep him from leaving. Renny calls him "magic," while Dan tells him that he is now less judgmental and does not think of him as "gay Steven," but as a friend. "You opened my eyes," Dan says on the monitor as tears stream down Steven's face.

Let's hope the rumors about what aliens do to earthlings are not true…

Julie explains that leading up to tonight's HoH competition, the HouseGuests have gotten a "little spaced out." Over the past few days, creepy aliens have been appearing in mirrors, surprising and sometimes scaring people, most notably April. Renny isn't too impressed, since she says she's seen plenty of aliens on the streets of New Orleans.

But the BIG BROTHER aliens have been very mischievous, since they are "abducting" different decorative items from the house, including a plant in the sauna room, a fan in the living room, and a decorative pitchfork on the wall in the bathroom.

After the HouseGuests are assembled out in the yard, Julie explains that items have gone missing, and they are about to be quizzed on exactly what has been abducted. The HouseGuests will face each other two at a time and be asked which of four rooms in the house was something taken. But to make things more difficult, the answer "not missing" is also an option. The winner of each round then gets to select which two HouseGuests will face off next.

By random draw, April and Dan are up first. Dan is correct, which eliminates April. Dan chooses Renny and Libra next, with Renny answering incorrect. Memphis and Angie face off for the third question, with Memphis winning. Ollie and Jerry face off with Ollie victorious; he picks Michelle and Keesha to go head-to-head, with Keesha being the winner. Keesha selects Libra and Dan, with Dan losing. Keesha beats Memphis, which leaves her, Ollie and Libra as the final three! Once Libra dispenses with Ollie, it's the final round of the game. After Libra answers incorrectly, Keesha is named the new Head of Household!

Julie congratulates Keesha on being the first female HoH of the season, but has enough time to ask Libra how she will react if she is on slop for a third week. Libra warns it will get ugly for everyone, but notes she has lost 12 pounds! Thank you, slop!

So who will new HoH Keesha nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday at 8pm et/pt on BIG BROTHER 10!