Season 14: Episode 15 - Episode 15
Posted on Aug 16, 2012 12:00am

After the nomination ceremony Wil remarks that he is not surprised he is on the block but cautions Frank to watch his back. Joe says that he will not be going down with out a fight this week and is planning to go to work. Dan and Danielle head to the bedroom where Dan makes a comment that he is surprised that Boogie and Frank stayed true to the alliance. However, he still doesn't feel that he can trust Boogie. In the game room, Boogie and Frank are talking about getting rid of Wil, they make the case that he is a liar and they think he will be coming after them in the next week if he were to stay in the house. They decide that Frank should talk to Joe and try to get him on board to work with them. Later in the storage room, Frank and Joe talk, Frank tells him that he is not the target but that he should act as though he is going home, campaign for votes and do all the normal things someone would do on the block. Meanwhile, Boogie talks to Wil in the arcade room and tries to make him feel safe but in the diary room, Boogie says that he likes to tell people they are safe and then do the opposite. Wil doesn't buy the speech and says that he does not want Boogie playing in the veto competition. Britney and Shane are talking in the have-not room; she asks him what the status is between Danielle and him. Shane remarks that she gets jealous when he talks to other girls and says that he knows how showmances can go. In the diary room Britney mentions that she does not trust the 'Silent Six' alliance and she thinks Frank might try to backdoor Shane this week.

Frank enters the living room and announces that it is time to get rid of his unitard. The houseguests follow him out to the backyard where he runs into the yard, does a final cheer and takes off the unitard. Ashley and Wil are talking in the bedroom where she mentions that she really wants to help him win the veto this week but her back is still acting up and he does not want her to play if she is not feeling well. Later that night Wil brings Danielle a cup of coffee and starts to open up to her. He tells her about his past as a singer and admits that he has been avoiding talking about his past; opening up to Danielle is nice. Danielle is touched and remarks that he does not deserve to be on the block this week. Frank pops in to the living room and informs all the house guests that it is time to pick players for the veto competition. In addition to Frank, Wil and Joe, the other players will be Jenn, Joe gets houseguests choice and picks Ashley, and Boogie. Wil just wanted Boogie not to play and have one thing go his way this week but it didn't work out for him. Dan is bummed out he was not chosen, he is worried that he might get backdoored if Frank or Boogie win the veto.

The houseguests are all hanging around the living room and the kitchen when the doorbell rings and the Zingbot 3000 walks in the door. Britney and Boogie are excited to see what the Zingbot will be saying about the houseguests as they all crowd around. After poking fun at everyone in the house, Zingbot announces that it is time for the veto competition; everyone should put on their gear and meet him in the backyard. Once out back, the houseguests are told the rules for the game called 'Birth of Baby Zingbot.' Last year houseguests helped Zingbot find his wife. Now, Baby Zingbot is in the Zingcubator, but to bring him to life, houseguests must connect pipes through a series of supports and transfer the Zingtonium orb from one end to the other using a special tool. The houseguest who completes Zingtonium transfer first will win the Golden Power of Veto. Everyone is having trouble getting their pipes to support themselves and to make the connections needed to provide a path for the Zingtonium to get to the Zingcubator. Shane is getting more and more angrier as time passes and Boogie even resorts to having Ian help him from the sidelines. Finally, Frank completes the pipe building and gets the Zingtonium orb to the Zingcubator bringing Baby Zingbot to life. Baby Zingbot comes forward to greet Frank with the veto. After the win, Shane is nervous because he doesn't want to get backdoored and Dan is feeling the same way.

Britney and Dan are chatting privately about the game and she remarks that the "Silent Six" formed just a week ago and they already doubt the alliance. She thinks that Dan should be nervous about being backdoored too. In the backyard, Wil, Ashley and Jenn are talking and Wil brings up an idea. He wants to make the pitch to Frank that if he decides to use the veto to backdoor someone, he, Ashley and Jenn would be behind him with their votes. They agree with Wil, and Wil and Ashley proceed to the HOH room to run the idea past Frank. Frank appears to be receptive to the idea and tells them that he is going to think about it as they all leave the room. Britney is sitting next to Ian and noticed everyone just left the HOH room, so she sends Ian on a little detective work and talk to Frank to try and figure out what they were all just talking about. Frank talks to Ian about the backdooring idea and possibly putting Dan on the block. Ian remarks that it would open a can of worms to do that but he also says that he will vote however Frank wants him to. Britney and Danielle are outside talking when Ian returns and he tells them what was just discussed with Frank. They are all a bit surprised by the news but say they will keep it quiet. The next morning Frank is outside relaxing when Boogie enters and checks in on him to see that everything is ok. Frank tells Boogie about backdooring Dan, Boogie dismisses the idea saying that it is too early and that Dan has been working with them. Frank makes the case that Dan was lying the last time he told them he was working for them, he also says that Dan only wants to work with Boogie and not with him. Boogie agrees that these things are true but maintains that it is too early to mess with the alliance.

Frank contemplates his decision while looking at the memory wall, then calls everyone to the table to start the veto ceremony. After a tense moment, Frank announces that he has decided not to use the Power of Veto this week. Dan is relieved and feels like he has just dodged a bullet, Wil feels like Frank is a fool for not making a bigger move and Joe is resolute about not going home. Boogie remarks that he is happy Frank didn't decide to backdoor Dan.

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