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Season 10: Episode 7 - Keesha Takes Control of the House, Nominations Turn the Table on One Very Powerful HouseGuest
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 10:30am

Steven's tart farewell makes an impact on some HouseGuests, including Michelle, who was shocked Steven decided to go out by telling them, "Suck it, bitches!" Jerry was stunned Steven would say that, and not just about the women in the house, but all of them. Dan is relieved to still be a HouseGuest, and reveals his plan to keep his head down and stay out of the way of bigger personalities in the house is working.
Keesha is very upset to see her house bestie Steven walk out the door, and thinks one person is responsible for his eviction—Angie! While Steven saw Angie as a friend, Keesha thinks Angie could have worked much harder to try and keep Steven in the game.
 The rise of the female HoH Keesha's despair turns to elation now that she is the Head of Household. "I wanted to scream," she reveals. "I am going to turn this house upside down." Renny is happy that her closest friend in the house has won, but nobody shows more emotion over Keesha's win than Libra, who can't stop bouncing or singing. Keesha notes that Angie should be worried since she bailed on Steven. Dan reveals he could have continued playing but "intentionally blanked out" in his round with Libra. Keesha gets an immediate sense of what it is to be the
HoH: "Now that I have this key it is amazing the people who will kiss your ass."

Libra tells Keesha she has her back, which takes the HoH by surprise.
"Well, yeah, I would think so," Keesha says. Later Keesha notes that her alliance, known as the "group of eight," has discussed Dan, Jerry and Renny for elimination. "I have news for the big group," she says.
"They don't have the decision, I do."
 But a dog's love lasts forever During Keesha's HoH reveal, Michelle points out a letter near Keesha's gift basket. The HouseGuests all file out, except Renny. Libra is irritated that Renny stuck around, but she doesn't realize Keesha asked her to stay. The pair share what Renny calls a "nice moment"
when Keesha sobs over her message from home.

But the warm feelings last only so long as Renny and Keesha talk strategy. Renny reveals the only person she trusts in the house is Keesha, and that Libra is a back stabber. Keesha tells Renny she agrees, but suddenly April shows up, killing the conversation. Renny is displeased "the boobs and blonde hair" has invaded, since April is a "pain in the ass."

Renny takes off as Ollie and Libra make their way into the HoH Suite.
After Keesha tells them she wants to put up Angie, April talks about the need to nominate strong player and Angie-ally, Memphis. Keesha agrees, but later reveals she has a lot of options, including the option of putting up Libra!
 Tail to snout! In a Hippie Room chat session, Michelle explains to Keesha, April and Libra she loves pig's feet, pig's ear and other parts of the swine most Americans usually disdain. "Eat it Portuguese style," she tells the shocked HouseGuests. Keesha notes pigs have the intelligence of a three-year-old child, while they agree pigs can be nasty animals.

It's no wonder exotic foods are on the HouseGuests' minds, since it's almost time for a food competition. Keesha comes out of the Diary Room in 1950's regalia and tells everyone to change into their poodle skirt and slicked back hair finest. Everyone comes outside to find a "BB Valley High Sock Hop" banner hanging over two giant records on matching platforms split by a wall. Keesha explains the "guys" will be on one side, while the "dolls" are on the other. This competition has the HouseGuests working together to get different food items for the week. On each platform is a laundry basket full of different kinds of socks. The trick is each side must match the socks by voice only and then hanging them on the same numbered record hanging on the wall.

Michelle says she and Jessie quickly paired their socks, which she says "got the game off on the right foot, or should I say right sock."
Showmance couple Ollie and April yell lots as they try to match their socks, but the biggest challenge comes from Renny and Dan. Renny frustrates April by jumping from sock to sock, but April is really peeved by the fact that the men don't listen much at all. Venus, meet Mars.

At the end of the game the HouseGuests cheers as they rack up a variety of meats, beverages, grains, desserts and drinks. Renny is disappointed her mismatched sock cost the house wine, but Michelle is ecstatic when pig's feet is revealed!
 Memphis gets an unwelcome surprise Up in the HOH Suite, Keesha tells Memphis she wants to put his friend (and secret alliance partner) Angie up for eviction. "I know Angie is coming after us," she informs Memphis, who tells her he can guarantee Angie isn't gunning for her, since she has Jerry and Dan in her sights.

The doorbell rings and Angie appears, looking to make a visit with the HoH. Keesha asks her to hold for five minutes. Angie gets the hint, and heads down to the Sauna Room to tell Jessie and Michelle she's getting the royal brush-off. Jessie can't believe Keesha wouldn't let her in, but Angie tells him Keesha is getting the grip tightened on her now that she is HoH. Angie knows she is prime target for elimination. "It makes me sick," she tells them.

Back in the HoH Suite, Memphis tries to ask Keesha why she would want to go after Angie. Keesha reveals Angie dropping support for her supposed friend Steven as he was about to walk out the door means she has to go. Memphis pulls back, and tells Keesha she should do what she needs to do for her.

Memphis goes down to sauna and tells Jessie the bad news. "Why can't we be like, 'put up Libra,'" Jessie asks. Memphis says he doesn't know for sure if Angie is up on the block, but he tells Jessie he needs to go talk to Keesha one-on-one.
 Libra starts mending fences Down in the Hippie Room, Keesha approaches Libra with something she needs to get off her chest. She reveals that she feels like Libra has doubted her loyalty. Libra cops to this immediately, telling Keesha she did have some doubts about her friendship with Steven. Keesha says that hurt her, and Libra tells her it was wrong and she's willing to accept the consequences of her actions. Later Keesha reveals she could tell how hurt Keesha was, while recognizing her behavior could "cause a great alliance to be destroyed." Keesha is still all smiles and laughter with Libra, but warns that her mouth is "making her a target." Libra, you better be careful!
 Jessie makes his pitch
Off Memphis' suggestion, Jessie makes his way up to Keesha's HoH Suite, where he does his best to shoot down Angie as a nominee. Jessie listens to Keesha's arguments before diving in with some alternatives.
Jessie points out that Libra is a troublemaker who will get lots of votes. Renny and Jerry don't like her because of all the drama she caused last week over the food competition, while he and Memphis will do whatever Keesha asks. Keesha still wants to put up Angie, but Jessie suggests Dan, who is likely to stay loyal and be a good counterweight to Libra on the chopping block. Jessie thinks Keesha could be looking at a unanimous eviction where Libra will do nothing but sink herself. By the end of the conversation Jessie is confident he has turned things around, but Keesha seems more confused than ever.So who's going on the block? And the eviction nominations go to…

As Keesha prepares for the nomination ceremony, Memphis wonders if his friendship with Angie "kind of puts a target on my back." Angie knows she is a likely nominee, but hopes Keesha "understands there are bigger targets in the house." Jessie feels safe, and predicts Keesha will nominate "Dan for the house, and Libra for herself." Libra says she is a Leo so she is loyal, even if she has trouble trusting people.
At this point all she can do is hope Keesha doesn't hold anything against her.

Once everyone is assembled in the dining room, Keesha begins the ceremony. Jessie shows no emotion when Dan's key is pulled first! More and more HouseGuests get their keys, including Memphis and Libra.
Michelle pulls the final key; Jessie and Angie are the nominees!

Keesha goes through all the reasons she nominated Angie, and then turns to Jessie. She tells him she takes very personally Steven's eviction last week, and notes he is a "huge threat." Is it over for Angie? "Not at all," she says. Keesha explains Jessie got nominated because his "arrogance got him in a lot of trouble." An angry Michelle says it is "on like Donkey Kong," while an ever-confident Jessie taunts, "See ya at the competition! Hope you lose!"

Can Angie survive the wrath of Keesha? Will Jessie be able to take himself off the block for a second time? Find out Tuesday at 9pm ep/tp on BIG BROTHER 10. And find out who's the next HouseGuest to go on BIG BROTHER'S new live eviction night, Thursday at 8pm et/pt.