Season 14: Episode 16 - Episode 16
Posted on Aug 17, 2012 10:20am

After the veto ceremony Dan is relieved but still thinks that he could get backdoored at any time during the rest of the competition. Wil is still shocked that Frank didn’t decide to get rid of a bigger player but Frank remarks that he thought using the veto would have rocked the boat too much. Britney, Shane and Danielle are talking about the importance of one of them winning HOH next week; she feels that the Silent Six is already crumbling. In the backyard, Joe is talking to Ashley and asks her how she is planning to vote, when she says she doesn’t know Joe gets a bit worried. In the HOH room, Dan is talking to Frank and tells him that he appreciates Frank not backdooring him this week but Frank does admit that it crossed his mind. In the diary room Dan says that after hearing Frank almost did put him up he is going to try and ‘shank Frank’ if he can.

Later that day, Ashley asks Frank on an ice cream date in front of Ian and he accepts. Ashley remarks in the diary room that she does want ice cream but she also wants to try and get some information for Wil. That night in the HOH room, Ashley and Frank have a cocktail date because they don’t have any ice cream and Ashley asks a bit about Wil. She then remarks that she needs a man in her life and Frank suggests making out on the couch. Ian is in the backyard with Britney discussing how he is worried about the date Ashley is having with Frank. Back in the HOH room, Frank and Ashley are making out on the couch while Ian is still in the backyard and says that he hopes they aren’t making out up there. The following day in the backyard, Wil is taking to Shane, Danielle, Dan and Britney and says that if he stays, Ashley will work with him. After Wil leaves them outside Britney talks about how awkward it was because he was unwittingly campaigning to the alliance that was working against him. Britney then talks about how hard it is to get all five members of the Quack Pack together without arousing suspicion. Joe then heads to the backyard to talk to everyone and campaigns to stay as well. In the diary room, Shane remarks that the Quack Pack has the votes this week.

Julie talks about how Joe is rubbing some of the house guests the wrong way and introduces a profile of his family. Joe and Dan are talking by the pool when Dan asks if Joe is having trouble picturing the face of his wife because he has been in the house so long. Joe replies that he has been married 8 years and pictures her along with his kids everyday. Back in Kentucky, Sarah, Joe’s wife has been watching the show along with the entire family. The family says that they miss Joe’s cooking and that he is a great dad to all of his kids. Sarah remarks that no one in her family is a fan of Mike Boogie, they think he is full of himself and is the worst threat in the house. Sarah also mentions that if she could talk to Joe now she would tell him to trust his gut and stop yelling. Julie mentions that Joe’s game might come to an end tonight, a family feeling for her guest, former Big Brother contestant Jeff. He joins Julie in front of the Big Brother house, he is happy to be talking to Julie and not after just being eliminated. He also remarks that he has a deadline from Jordan to get engaged. The most surprising moment for Jeff this season was when Janelle was voted out of the house, he learned that anyone could win this game. He is pulling for Ian to win this season. Jeff asks what kind of player Julie would be in the house, she responds that she would be a bit of Janelle and a bit of Ian.

Julie starts talking to all the houseguests in the living room and tells them that they have passed the halfway point in the season. She gives them a pop quiz about current events the players are not currently aware of. They all shout out their answers and get some right. Then Wil and Joe are invited to plead their cases to stay in the house. Wil talks about winning either way, if he stays he gets to play, if he has to go, he goes home to a great group of friends and family. Joe remarks that he heard he was loud and is taking classes in whispering and he wants to be kept there. The live eviction vote begins and in the end the vote is 6 - 2 to send Wil home. After saying his goodbyes, Wil heads out the front door of the house to talk to Julie. Wil thinks that they chose to evict him because he might be a bigger threat in the house than Joe. Wil then watches the goodbye messages from the other houseguests and then learns about the Silent Six. He wonders why they didn’t think of a better name.

In the backyard, Julie talks to the houseguests ready to play in the HOH competition. They will be slipping and sliding across a slick course to slowly fill up a jug in order to remove a cork; the first one to do so will win the competition. There are also some temptations though, they can fill another jug to gain safety for one week or yet another to gain a $10,000 cash prize but winning either temptation means that player cannot also win HOH. Also, once the competition for HOH has been won, the temptations are no longer in play. The houseguests are already slipping and sliding while trying to fill up their jugs and win HOH.

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